The journey of a nerd who loves the Lord

The Approach

When writing a story, I am often told that it is best to write or plot out the conclusion first.  It’s much easier to plan and write your story when the ending is already done.  That way, you just have to ‘back into it,’ in a manner of speaking.

I remember waiting for the next issue of my favorite comics to come out. Hopefully, people will look forward to my next story in a similar fashion!

I plan on taking a similar approach here.  First, my I lay out my final goal, and then I plan on how to get there.  Being an accountant by day, planning is one of my strong suits.

Ultimately, I would like to be able to write serial, ongoing stories, similiar to comics such as Wildlight.  Of course, I want those to be of the best quality I can possibly produce.  Hopefully, they would be compelling enough to entice readers to come back on a regular basis, eager to find out what happens next!

I realize, however, that writing is not an easy task at all.  To help get my skills to that level calls for a strategic approach to preparation.  I plan on using multiple tools and resources to learn as much as a I can, while practicing by writing a variety of short stories.  Even this blog provides me ample opportunity to hone my admittedly limited talents.  By virtue of age, I have learned the benefits of patience and proper planning.  I shall take advantage of the benefits they provide.


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