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Meet the Circus, Part 1


Today, I’m working on a group of circus performers that the party will run into.  This will be quite a diverse bunch.  Writing about them is certainly an exercise that gets the creative juices flowing.

The Bradbury Circus

Formed over 50 years ago by the Vesarian, Geman Bradbury, The Bradbury Circus quickly became a hit in any town it visited.  Featuring a mix of showy magic (including lights and sound), amazing beasts that do incredible tricks, and feats of human acrobatics that defy description, people traveled far and wide to see this amazing circus in action.

However, about 10 years ago, Geman passed away.  Leaving no heirs to run the Circus, the role of Ringmaster fell upon his assistant, the mysterious Uzra.  A relatively unknown Tiefling from Chilax, Uzra took the role of Ringmaster like a fish to water.  Some say that the overall tone of the circus has changed since Geman passed away.  However, they circus continues to do extremely well, in fact, even better.  Shows are filled to capacity, even after they raised the price of admittance.

Below is some information on just some of the main performers found at The Bradbury Circus today.

Max FlashThis half Elf was shunned from his hometown, but like many, he found acceptance in the circus.  While many half elves are able to hide one side of their heritage or another, Max’s shorter height with unusually large ears make it harder for him to disguise his bloodline.  He started off in the circus as just one of the helping hands.  However, his ability to perform slight of hand tricks earned him a prominent place on the arcade alley.  When he’s not doing tricks to impress customers in the circus, he can often be found in the local tavern hoodwinking others for a few silver pieces and woo’ing the ladies.

L’Garm – Every circus has a “Strong Man,” and L’Garm fits the bill like no one else.  This massive Half Ogre picks up with one hand what many men cannot do with two.  L’Garm never knew his father or mother, as he was left with a church as a (rather large) baby.  It was quite clear early on that L’Garm was a mixed child.  The church, looking for a quiet way to put him aside before he became too large (and a potential problem), found a perfect solution when The Bradbury Circus passed by.  Originally, Geman didn’t want to take a child onto their traveling caravan.  However, the church convinced him that not only would the child have a home no where else, but that he could help out.  Geman took the boy under his wing and put him to work.  He treated L’Garm well, though Geman was generally too busy to be a true father to the boy.  Despite this, L’Gram was especially moved when Geman passed away.  He became quite reclusive though he still did what was expected of him.  Any attempt by his circus family to get to know him better is promptly ignored.  He seems to only interact with Uzra.

More Coming Soon.


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