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Goals for 2012

Sorry for the wee bit of a hiatus.  It seems I’m not really on the ball when it comes to writing on the weekends.  The holidays do not help, as the need to go out, shop and prepare does not seem to end.  However, I digress.

In looking at goals for 2012, it helps to look at 2011.

As always, I look for ways to grow in Christ and serve Him.  This year, I grew in Christ mostly through personal interaction with a variety of new friends.  Through things like Pathfinder, and the Big Brothers & Big Sisters program, I met and reached out to a number of people, sharing my faith with them whenever the Spirit lead.  In doing so, I learned more about God and myself.  I expect to do more of that going into next year, though I hope to throttle back to make more time for other goals I have my eyes set on.  On the physical side, I joined a Kung Fu class, and since March or April, I have, more or less, consistently attended.

A few words about goal / resolution setting.  The best goals, I have heard, have measurable objectives and results.  If a goal is too subjective, it usually has little impact.  Also, goals should be realistic and flexible.  Your goal for a diet, for example, should be something you could reach even if you indulge on the occasional dessert.  So, with that being said, in no particular order, here are the goals.

Better Organization
From my house to my job to my computer to my schedule, I have a lot going on.  I have already begun addressing this, by rearranging the kitchen.  It looks so much better!  It helps me to get the most out of all of that when my things, computer and schedule are better organized.  Better yet, it helps my marriage.  Wives prefer clean, organized houses (including the man-cave) over messy ones 100 to 1!  No, seriously!

Lose Some Weight
Ok…this one may seem fairly generic.  As I mentioned before, I have completed about 8 months of Kung Fu.  Due to my eating habits, however, this has not translated into any signficant weight loss.  My wife and I came up with a plan to address what we eat during lunch periods, which will help.  I will develop a tracking spreadsheet to help give me further encouragement to stay on task.

Practice My Writing 
I may not start writing serious short story fiction for some time. In the mean time, I want to continue to do writing exercises, such as this blog, in order to better prepare myself for such tasks.  I may not get something up every day, but if do hope to get about 4 entries done every week.  Practice makes a better writer!

Better Anger Management
The Bible calls us to work with peace and patience.  Anger causes much more problems than it fixes.  I have improved in this area, but I do have further to go.

The Bible
I have read the Bible several times last decade.  However, it has been a number of years since I last accomplished this goal.  The Bible calls us to study His Word that we may be ready to give a defense for the hope we have.  Since I don’t have too much free time, I can actually just listen to the Bible while at work or on the road.  I bought the CD version of the reading of the NIV a few years back and converted it all to MP3.  It’s time to put some of that technology to spiritual use!

Play More Games & Spend Less Money
Now, this seems to be a contradiction in terms.  However, as most of my friends know, I like to collect all kinds of games (Board, video, card, etc).  Usually, I get them on sale (never buy a game when it first comes out and you can save half off).  I certainly don’t spend more than I make.  However, the reality is that I buy more than I could possibly play.  I probably spend more time reading reviews, looking for deals and buying than I do playing.   I’m not a Biblical expert, but I’m sure that’s not right 🙂   I really need to actually play a lot of the stuff I have already bought and stop looking for new things (which strikes me as coveting, in a way).  I have plenty of games, books, movies, etc to last me a very long time.

Be A Better Husband
A lot of what I have listed up above supports this one, though I can think of a multitude of little other ways to help reach this goal.  As a Christian, I believe that our biggest testimony is our family.  A wife and children who are truly love will reflect that happiness to others, which in turn may help draw them to Christ.  This should rank higher on most people’s lists, though ministry, job or even hobbies sometimes gets in the way.

The Importance of Tracking & Peer Pressure
I have set goals (or resolutions) before.  Many of them do not work out.  However, a few simple tips, in my experience, can really help.  Tracking progress on a regular basis (the more regular, the better) can provide constant reinforcement of progress (or lack thereof).  Also, having a buddy or three who share similar visions may help provide encouragement during times of weakness.  Knowing that one has to report to a friend is motivation enough for many to stay on track.

I plan to post my progress right here.  Knowing that I plan to announce my progress will encourage me to be more on top of these goals.

Phew…that’s a lot!  Around the end of January, I will post my first month results!


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