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This Is My Story, Part 3

To continue my story….

As I mentioned earlier, the LORD gave me about 4 years of living alone to learn more about Him through study of His Word.  I was about that time that I met my wife, and entered another stage of my life.

The first few years of marriage were a time of adjustment, growth and maturing for the both of us.  My years alone had prepared me, to an extent.  However, there lessons that only a life with another could teach me.  At times we struggled and argued, but God kept us together.

After such time, I felt drawn by God to begin work on a project.  God had brought me so far in such a small amount of time, I wanted to express my faith using the talents He had given me.  I loved to draw, so creating a comic on the internet seemed a great way to accomplish this.  However, God gave me an even better idea…to draw a comic on a website shared by other Christians doing the same.  Cyberlight Comics was born.

For a period of about five or six years, I drew a webcomic called Wildlight (Some of that artwork is used here).  I even had the wondrous opportunity to run a table for the site at comic conventions and meet many other Christians.  Two, in particular, would become close brothers who I keep in very close contact to this day.

Around the time I finished the first major story of Wildlight, God opened up a new door.  Up until that time, I had lived in Florida my entire life.  However, an opportunity for promotion at my job moved me to a new state of residence, Utah.  This monumental change surprised both my wife and I.  And another chapter of our life was about to being.


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  1. This story is actually very neat. What’s it like in Utah?

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