The journey of a nerd who loves the Lord

This Is My Story, Part 4


And now, the conclusion of My Story!

As I mentioned earlier, God opened up a door via a work promotion.  My wife and I, eager at opportunity to make more money (We had been living in a small apartment for over a decade), jumped at the chance.  We were originally supposed to relocate to Tennessee, but ended up near Salt Lake City, Utah!  Such a huge jump was stressful, but God’s Hand was at work.

Through the difficult move and the lack of friends, I quickly became depressed.  I lost many months due to the depression, putting on weight and just being lazy.  Eventually, I felt God calling me to get back to work.  I got back into reading various books on the Christian faith, and learned a lot about the “Organic Church and LTGs” and “Missional” movements .

A big part of being missional means to go out, engage in activities, groups, etc., with other people, and be a light in a world of darkness.  So my wife and I took a hard look at our lives, and those things we like to do (for God has given us everything, even the desires of our heart).  We then asked ourselves how, with at least some of them, we could plug into other groups to share the love and witness of Christ.

So, I started several Pathfinder gaming groups, started podcasting about video games with friends at RPGamer, and joined a Kung Fu Class (Hey, I need to exercise!).  Whether it was something as simple as eating, or going out for a fun time, being missional meant looking for ways to share those experiences with others, much like Jesus often ate and shared food with the sinners.

This shift forced me to live my life in a completely different dynamic than I did in Florida.  For those years I spent drawing comics, my exposure to people outside of my ‘inner sphere’ of friends (mostly Christian and work) was minimal, offering little opportunity to share Christ directly through Word and Deed (though, I was certainly sharing via my comics).  In Utah, that perspective changed to an outward direction.  Almost everyday I’m engaged in some social activity with others (whether it’s just a quick lunch, doing a class with others, or giving someone a ride).  I get to know all kinds of people, and opportunities do present themselves to share the message and love of Christ.

Unfortunately, my wife and I have not really found a ‘church home,’ so to speak.  We do have a number of Christian friends we interact with on a regular basis via the phone and internet.  However,  I believe from the Bible that we are encouraged to meet together with other believers locally and share our fellowship.  My wife and I have attended a number of churches here, but have not felt God calling us to become permanent members of any of them, just yet.  Thankfully, I have recently met a very nice, faithful couple.  By God’s Grace, we hope to become good friends and share fellowship with them.

And that, is my story.  God holds my future in His hands, so I know not what it holds.  I do believe, as I have mentioned earlier on this blog, that writing will become important to me.  Coupled with my modest drawing skills, I hope to create stories with artwork that will move the spirit.  Adding that to keeping up with what I am already engaged in, and I have plenty to keep me busy for many, many years.  The adventure if far from over!  Keep your eyes on this blog for updates, creative writings, theological discussion starters, and much  more.

By His Grace,



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