The journey of a nerd who loves the Lord

Things are moving!


Here’s another update for those who are curious as to my progress with Cyberlight, Wildlight, writing and drawing.

On Cyberlight, I have updated a number of pages and links.  I set up a Facebook group, and all mass communications regarding the site will go through there.  You can check that out at!/groups/cyberlightcomics/ .  Join up and you will be kept in the loop on all the new happenings!  I’m also working on putting together the Cyberlight Intro Comic.  You can find sample pages on that facebook group.

As far as Wildlight, I’m continuing my trek to become a better writer.  In looking over the 72 chapters (6 full comics) I did on Wildlight, I feel like the story could have been so much better.  I’m reading a lot, doing writing exercises (Some of which I will post here) and so much more.  My goal right now is to reboot (seems like the hip thing to do) Wildlight as a narrative short story series.  Each short story will have about 4 high quality drawings to help draw the reader into the narrative.

My original goal for this blog was for me to detail my journey to become a better writer.  As I mentioned in my last post, I ran into a number of issues that kept me from focusing on this for most of the year thus far.   However, God has opened up my schedule, and given me a renewed focus.  So, by His Grace, I’ll have more up on this blog soon!


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