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I’m Still Around


I have not left, but I definately got off track.  At the beginning of this year, I thought that I would sit down and do a lot of fictional writing.  I have got to do a lot of writing, just not fictional!  I’ve been working hard, in my spare time, to run Pathfinder games.  Pathfinder is pen and paper role playing games where players sit at a table and play character in a story set out by the “Gamemaster.”  I usually do the role of the Gamemaster, as I love telling stories.  I’ve been enjoying this so much that I’ve volunteered to do regional coordinating for Pathfinder Society, a nationwide organzied way to play Pathfinder.  In doing this, I not only get the opportunity to run a lot of games, I get to meet a lot of people along the way.

I’m not sure what the means for me writing fiction online as I had hoped at the beginning of the year.  A part of me wants to promise that I will get right back on top of it, as a number of things in my life settle down and I get some free time.  Another part of me is not sure I will really have the time as things keep popping up.  So far this year I have taken 5 business trips which each sap away at my free time like no tomorrow.

In the mean time, I continue to ask God for grace and guidance.  If you’re doing stories or comics that glorify God directly, please contact me.  I would love to get them up at Cyberlight Comics.

By His Grace,

Phil aka JCServant


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