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I was amazed and overwhelmed by the amount of feedback, nearly all positive, I received from my last post. Easily exceeding anything I had done before, I felt inspired to finish my thoughts on the subject with 3 more points.

5. Start Small – I cannot tell you how many artists on Cyberlight come to me with ideas for epic stories with 8 heroes (a team) spanning 29 issues or more. When I ask if they have ever done a short, one issue comic before, they have nothing to show, however. I have yet to see any Christian Comic creator finish such an epic undertaking.

When you were born, you learned to crawl before you learned to walk. And, you probably learned that before you started to run. Before you start a massive tale sweeping the cosmos, try creating some short 4-10 page comics. Not only with this give you invaluable practice and force you to learn to tighten things up (and do a lot of story telling with little space), it will give you confidence that you can finish a project. And, when you talk to people about future plans, you will solid, concrete, finished examples of your work.

6. Write Before You Leap – Since it’s not always possible for an artist to secure a good writer to work on projects together, most artists write their own stuff. (More often, artists have their own ideas and are not open to the idea of work with another writer’s ideas. Pride can hold you back!) If you are going to both write and draw, do yourself a favor, and write down your script first. Better yet, do an outline of your pages with the text on the side. After you’ve read it twice, tightened it up and self-edited it, have other read it over and do the same. You will save all kinds of time and frustration that many artists feel when they quit projects half way through when they realize that what they had ‘in their head’ didn’t read quite as well on paper. That’s a lot easier to address when you haven’t spent days drawing it already!

7. Consider Ditchin’ the Dream – A lot of artists have dreams of launching their own Christian Comic line, and selling enough to quit their day jobs. I know the idea of stompin’ on someone’s dream is unpopular, but I’ve been around for a few decades. I can’t tell you how many projects, some done by some extremely talented individuals, have fallen short of this bar. Comics are already a niche (and highly competitive) market, and so is Christianity. Trying to create a comic line popular enough to make a decent profit with a “Niche within Niche” product is nigh impossible. Consider publishing your work for free. There are many websites that will host and distribute your works for free, including our very own Cyberlight Comics.

Doing so has the additional benefit of getting into the hands of a lot more people than traditional methods. Since most of us do this with the hope of leading more people to the LORD, you will be happy knowing that, without a money barrier, a lot more people will read your product. Not to mention, scripture seems to support the idea in Matthew 10.8.

If you have further questions, comments, etc about making Christian Comics, feel free to email me, or write those comments here. I’m happy to assist in any way I can. Until then, may God bless you richly and keep creating!


Comments on: "Doing Christian Comics – Some Basic Advice Part 2" (2)

  1. It would be cool to do an anthology of short stories by all the Cyberlight contributors. Just four or five pages of a self contained comic each. we could do it as a project and see if there is any support.

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