The journey of a nerd who loves the Lord


Five years ago, I drew the last webisode of Wildlight, Season 1.  It was a fun ride, and I had planned on doing another Season soon thereafter.  Unfortunately, life happened, and by the Grace of God, my career thrust me into an entirely different setting.  At the same time, God laid some new directions on my heart.

For some time, I have been spending my free time working closely with people in my community and various circles.  Whether working with people in need, or just those yearning for direction or attention, God lead me to spend time learning more about Him through others.  This has left little time for drawing or other creative pursuits.

I have told my wife that the book of Ecclesiastics teaches us many things.  One of the main themes shows us that there is a time and season for all things.  And, while my current seasons precludes from spending much time pursuing the comics arts, I do know that God will be bringing me out of this season of soon, and returning me to a new season of creative works.  A number of doors have opened along those lines, and while I do not have specific details I may share just yet, I expect to be making some new announcements and perhaps even some sample art here rather soon.

One of the interesting things about seasons… If we recognize them, we can prepare.  Most people prepare for the birth of a new child or retirement in old age.  This is wise.  Knowing that God will bring me to a new season of writing and/or comic book creation, I have already started taking steps to prepare.

For those few friends, fans and family that I have who shares interest in what will happen with the Wildlight comic series and/or Cyberlight Comics as a whole, I highly recommend you follow this blog and/or our Facebook group.  By the Grace of God, I will serve the Lord in this capacity yet again.



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