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A Quick Experiment

So, as I mentioned on early blog entries, I’m experimenting with various ideas for not only Wildlight’s overall story and plot, but also the very medium that’s being used.  I like playing with formats.  The original Wildlight series used a comic format designed just for the web…a design that read from the top down.  This time, I’m thinking of going a little more traditional, by mixing a serial chapter by chapter format with pictures.  This would be akin to what you see in most blogs, but it’s not a blog, but a fictional story.

Below is a sample of such work.  I took Webisode 22 and converted it to this new format, in a manner of speaking.  You can compare the two and let me know what you think of this approach.  This approach may not be as visual, but it does have the added benefit of requiring a lot less manpower…which means I could pump out more story each month.  But is the sacrifice worth it?  You, my loyal readers, will have to decide.  Read below, compare the two, and let me know what you think in the comments section or via email.  Thanks!!


Cyberlight Comics is proud to present….

  Wildlight: Origins, Chapter 3 “Conflict”

Webisode 22

Story and artwork by JCServant.  Background artwork by William Tan and Wil Hartman.  Editor: Huggybear, Houn.  Additional Editing and Contributions by Raven.  


It was time to find some answers.  Tammy decided to visit the home of  the woman who put thing in her.  She tried the door, but it would not budge.

“Hmf.  It’s locked.”

CHRISTI chimed in.  “I could easily disable the locking mechanism on the door with a type 3 laser beam adjusted for…”

Image1“No.  Thank you.  I don’t have to go all crazy with a super powered light show to get past a simple door.”  She bent over and pulled out a small Delock device she kept hidden.  “It is a simple problem with a simple solution.  We don’t need unwanted attention.”

As she worked, CHRISTI continued.  “Technically this is breaking and entering.  Perhaps you could…” At that moment, the locked slid open.

“There.  Done,” Tammy whispered.  “Aren’t you a help program?  Don’t I need to ask you for help before you start spouting off advice or something?”

She walked in cautiously.  This house was pitch black on the inside, forcing her eyes to adjust.  She instinctively reached for the light switch.  But in finding it, nothing happened.

“Odd.  The lights are not working.”  Suddenly, she heard movement in the air.  Someone is in here, she thought.  “CHRISTI,” she whispered.  “Did you hear that?  I think someone’s in here.”  She began to back out.

Before she could think on it further, a sharp force struck her in the jaw.  Hard.  Falling to the ground, Tammy checked her teeth with her tongue, somewhat surprised they were still all there.  “Damn! What the hell was that, CHRISTI?”

“Evidence suggest another struck you.  I would advise caution”

“No duh, Sherlock!”  Another blow came!  A force struck her hard, sending her flying across the room and she landed on her stomach.

Tammy coughed.  She felt like the wind had just been knocked out of her.  The room was spinning.

“Who *cough*…Who’s there?”

A scratchy, female voice replied, “This is it?  This is what Maxy’s all worried about?  A kitten?  Please.  ”

Tammy slowly pushed herself up as the voice in the darkness continued.  “I’m just an outcast, zealot.  No one your lot ever pays attention to.  Makes this job all the nicer for me.”

Tammy felt an anger welling up inside of her.  She was tired of being the victim and being beaten down.  No, she was not going to run away, or play dead.  Not this time.

“You want a fight?  You’ll get one.”

“I must warn you,” CHRISTI said, “That initiating the suit’s active mode will be extremely painful at this time.”

“That’s OK,” Tammy replied.  Then, recalling the activation words spoken to her by the old doctor, she stood to her feet.  “Let there be love.  Let there be…light!”


Wildlight Vol. 1 (Origins), No 22, May 2003.  Published by Cyberlight Comics.  Copyright 1993-2003 by Cyberlight Comics.  All rights reserved.  Published every 21 days.  No similarity between any of the names, characters, persons, and/or institutions in this publication with those of any living or dead person or institution is intended, and any such similarity which may exist is purely coincidental.  This publication may not be sold except as authorized, and is sold subject to the condition that it shall not be sold or distributed with any part of the artwork removed, changed, or otherwise mutilated.  WILDLIGHT (including all prominent characters featured in this issue and the distinctive  likenesses thereof) is a trademark of CYBERLIGHT COMICS, INC.  Published in the USA.  


Comments on: "A Quick Experiment" (4)

  1. Personally I like the original, more visual format. I think with the more text-heavy format, the images take a back seat in a way, which I think takes away from the story-telling power of comics. In my humble opinion.


    R-Squared Comicz
    Quality Comics from a Christian Worldview

    • Truedat. Hence my remark about a “tradeoff.” Wildlight’s first season (70 webisodes) took me 5 years to make and basically told one story. People had to wait a full month to get the next ‘chapter’ of story (essentially, what you see above is a ‘chapter.’) With this method, I could so the same story in about 15 months, producing about 1 chapter every week. No doubt that the fully visual format is more awesome (quality) at first blush…but is a month for each mini-chapter worth it?

  2. I have to second Justin’s comment. Thinking about my four older kids’ reaction to the original format, it’s worth every bit of time to wait a month for each mini chapter. So many comics and books lose my younger kids and only apeal to the older kids, but Wildlight in the original format apeals to young and old alike. To engage kids the way the original did is priceless. Thanks so much for asking your readers’ opinions.

    • Sam…I wanted to personally give you an update. Over the last 15 months, work has inundated me with extra projects. At the same time, I practiced and honed my writing skills, which I feel needed a lot of focus after I re-read Wildlight several times.

      With the holidays, and some time off coming, I have an opportunity to relaunch the site and get a start on a new Wildlight story. I have spent quite a bit of time thinking through what, exactly, I want to do, including talking it over my brother. We have decided to continue to use old format Wildlight you advocate.

      Several factors played into that decision, not the least of which includes your comment here…written 15 months ago. Thank you. I hope to repay the patience of you and your daughters with the best Wildlight comic ever!

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