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Settings Part 1

Warning: This is spoiler information for A Journey’s End and Collapsing Star.

Below is the first in a series containing some basic ‘setting’ information for my upcoming stories.  This exercise forces me to get some needed detail about each ‘world’ down on paper, which sets the stage.  While I will plan to take a “Shoot from the Hip” approach for Collapsing Star, this stage of planning is still needed.  One cannot tell a story without some idea of the setting it is in.

A Journey’s End takes place in a land called Forzega, a continent island a bit smaller than Australia.   Geographically, it’s laid out something like a crescent moon, but with the opening to the west.  The northern lands are mostly high density forests and populated by the Elves.  South of them, “The Land of Man” has the largest city of all, Silverfall.  This busting metropolis, located in the inner region of coastline, has the largest center of trade and the capital of all human settlements.  The savage southern lands, controlled by dwarfs, orcs, goblins and more, remain untamed.

Most of the time, outside of the occasional border scuffle, the infighting between the more savage races keep them rather occupied.  However, in the last two decades, they have become more focused, and organized.  A mysterious leader of unknown heritage and background, pulls these forces together and slowly pushes in on the Land of Man.  Yet to lose any land themselves, the Elves have nonetheless found themselves defending their borders in various areas.  They agree that the orcs and goblins are testing them.

The human forces find themselves on the defensive.  They have reached out to the elves, who have communicated that they are unable or unwilling to dedicate troops to the defense of The Land of Man.

Ruled by a monarchy, peace and order reigned until the attacks.  Mostly focused on the capital, the Royale Guard protects the interests of man from outside forces . The king dispatches several regiments to deal with the threats at the borders, under advisement from his generals.  However, the enemies attacks one more fronts than they can adequately protect.  Drawn out over time and distance, the unusually methodical fighting means that life must go on for most.

Throughout the lands, the people worship many different deities representing various aspects of life.  From art to nature, a deity can be found for just about anything.  A few are devout, though most give lip service as they survive through the day to day.   Relatively new, the study of magic brings new hope to some as a way to deal with the threat of the enemies, while hope for an improvement of the way of life for everyone.

The story will begin in the town of Lodoss, located about a day’s ride to the north of Escaflowne, one of the border towns that has been attacked twice in the last year.  The people in Lodoss live off of fishing and lumber-jacking.  While there are a few noblemen who run larger businesses, and an appointed mayor who conducts most government affairs with the help of the sheriff, most of the people in the town are extremely hard working.

More to come soon!


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