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Random Thoughts

Generally, you will become as good as something in proportion to how much time you put into it.  Becoming a good writer means practicing the art, even when you would rather be doing anything else.  Currently, sitting in airport, I find myself realizing that I would enjoy doing anything else, but writing.

Having woken up two and a half hours early, I lack the focus to work on some of my deeper projects demanding my attention.  So, I decided to practice my writing by sharing some random thoughts and topics on the top of my mind right now.

Hot WheelsIn talking with one of my wife’s friends, I found out this gentleman enjoyed collected Hot Wheels.  I collect various action figures and Transformers, myself.  You never know how your hobbies may help build bridges of friendship and the such.  Finding things in common, and using that to love others, seems to me something that Jesus would do.  He constantly employed the most common of such building blocks used to build relationships: eating.  Everyone eats.  Want to get to know someone’s heart?  Invite them out to a meal or two.

I just found out that the government shutdown came to an end.  I do not spend much time reading the news.  Years ago, my wife and I kept up with not only the news, but also political talk.  We found it stressed us.  After all, news sells fear and hype to get ratings.  Ultimately, we reasoned that such fear existed because our faith in God fell short of where it needed to be.  We shut off the news and put our trust in Him.  With that being said, I generally do check a couple of news sites weekly.  The topics of conversation I derive from some of the more interesting articles has helped me to build relationship bridges (and it makes for great small talk when I have to attend social events!).

Conversely, I try to read God’s Word daily.  Honestly, I know that our faith would be increased, and our fear/stress levels would decrease if we switched out TV news time to study God’s Word.  Many verses proclaim the wonders of God’s living Word, however, Romans 10 state it most plainly.  17 So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.  Honestly, the more I read, the more I learn about God, the more I enjoy life and His blessings!

If you stuck through my random ramblings this long, give yourself a gold star!  🙂



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