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Goloff – Part 2

The following contains information about the upcoming short story, A Journey’s EndAs such you may not wish to read it if you feel it would be spoilery for you.  This is part of a series of articles I will be writing as I take an detailed outline approach (“Plan the Trip“) to planning this story.

Shading isn't done yet...but its coming soon with a higher res preview!

Shading isn’t done yet…but its coming soon with a higher res preview!

For years, the orcs, goblins and other vicious barbarian races have been a constant threat to the dwarven clans, especially those residing above ground.  Normally, they posed little threat to the better organized and armed dwarfs.  However, the evidence suggested that the enemy overran Goloff’s clan quickly and efficiently.  Goloff returned to the dwarven capital of Ger-Herdur to find answers.  However, despite the decimation, the leadership seemed to take little interest in what happened above ground.

Frustrated, Goloff set off on his own to find answers.  He headed to the Land of Man where he heard through reports that skirmishes and fights between humans, and the more vicious races took place.  On a number of occasions, he lent his axe and fighting prowess, helping the human armies of Silverfall to push back some enemy forces.  He not only earned needed coin to buy food and shelter as needed, but used every opportunity to find out everything he could about the enemy.

When Goloff learned that many of the human leaders believed that these vicious monsters fought under the leadership of one being, Goloff’s mind raced.  He focused his time and anger on finding out everything he could about the individual.   Coming up with few answers, the frustrated dwarf began to make plans of his own, and look for an opportunity to hunt that one he felt most responsible for cutting down his family and his clan!


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