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Warning: This is spoiler information for the short story, Stardust: Collapsing Star.

Below is the first in a series containing some basic ‘setting’ information for my upcoming stories.  This exercise forces me to get some needed detail about each ‘world’ down on paper, which sets the stage.  While I will plan to take a “Shoot from the Hip” approach for Collapsing Star, this stage of planning is still needed.  One cannot tell a story without some idea of the setting it is in.

Tammy aka 'Wildlight' wearing a DoSF jacket

Tammy aka ‘Wildlight’ wearing a DoSF jacket

Collapsing Star takes place in the city of New Orlando, which was re-built after a devastation wrecked the original city.  The story takes place in the same ‘universe’ as Wildlight.

Each major city has a division of the DoSF lead by a chief.  In turn, each is backed by a lead investigator, and major who are in charge of the Enforcers and Investigators divisions respectively.  A separate division altogether, the seekers do not report to local DoSF Chiefs, but rather the top seeker.

According to the law, all super powered humans must register with the DoSF.  The department puts each one through a series of grueling tests designed to push each candidate to their limits and gauge their true potential.  Generally, the department then shares the results with the individual.  On rare occasions where the department feels that the powers exceed the subject’s abilities to control them, the department can arrest and contain that subject until such time that they can exercise such control.

With permanent meta human abilities which cannot be removed, the US Citizen must either agree to join the DoSF and use their powers within that context, or agree to never use them at all except in a life and death circumstance.  The DoSF shows these citizens that seekers have numerous ways at their disposal for detecting and tracking down those who break the law.  Most turn down the offer, and choose to live their lives in the private sector, free to follow their own destinies, albeit, without a legal way to use or enjoy their unique abilities.  The DoSF has the right, by law, to force individuals to join if they feel that the abilities of the meta-human may be critical for national security.

Some do not agree with the law, but since less than .0001% have true meta human abilities, the law and DoSF hold little impact over most.  As a result, the dissidents have never garnered enough popular support to have any of the laws overturned.  Their best opportunity came about 10 years ago, when a young child died during the testing phase for her powers.  The DoSF tried to bury the incident before it broke out in news, but they failed.  People began to question exactly what power the DoSF and just “how human” the procedures were they used to test meta humans.   However, the concern did not last for long.

Because of that incident and other rumors, some become generally concerned when they discover they have meta human abilities as they fear what to DoSF may do to them.


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