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Spirek – Part 1

The following contains information about the upcoming short story, A Journey’s EndAs such you may not wish to read it if you feel it would be spoilery for you.  This is part of a series of articles I will be writing as I take an detailed outline approach (“Plan the Trip“) to planning this story.

spirekThe majority of elves in Forzega live in forests spread throughout the northern side of the continent.  More tame and temperate than most other lands, the elves have enjoyed long years of peace, until recently.

Recently, savage races have attacked the south east border of the elven lands and forests.  More organized than the past, the elves retreated before the forces on several occasions over the last decade.  The elves have long been known for their patience and careful plans that can take years to come to fruition.  Yet, not all take solace in that reputation as the armies of chaos push them back and slay hundreds in the process.

During the last three years, Spirek’s reputation as one such dissident became the fodder of rumors in taverns and gatherings throughout the empire.  The third of three sons of King Tolonek, Spirek seemed destined at birth to fade into the political background, as his other brothers were first in line for the throne and military leadership roles.  Both his siblings joined the martial forces in leadership roles as soon as they became of age, and generally excelled in any task set before them.  However, while Spirek did well in his training, he never fit well in the military organization.  Having numerous issues with the chain of command and the lack of action taken against the orcs brutal assault in the south, Spirek’s expressed his frustration on numerous occasions.

His father worked to calm him down and try to show him ‘the larger picture,’ but Spirek never bought into his father’s vision.  And on a spring day, the 12th year into the war, Spirek disappeared.

(To be continued!)

Name: Spirek
Age: 38
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 185lbs

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