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Spirek – Part 2

The following contains information about the upcoming short story, A Journey’s EndAs such you may not wish to read it if you feel it would be spoilery for you.  This is part of a series of articles I will be writing as I take an detailed outline approach (“Plan the Trip“) to planning this story.

spirekFor most young adults and adolescents, running from home involves going to another side of the city or the next town over.  However, Spirek’s father, the king, had influence over all of the Elven lands.  With guards, advisors and more, Spirek knew that he could not stay in any elven city for long without being seen and reported.  For months he kept moving, staying one step ahead of anyone who could report his position or move to capture him.

Eventually, he booked passage on a ship that took him to Silverfall, the human capital.  While the humans and elves had always enjoyed an alliance, his father would have much less influence there.  Still, he grown accustomed to being in the move, doing small jobs here and there to earn coin for food and shelter.

Eventually, Spirek found himself in one of the smaller towns to the south, far away from his father’s influence.  He grew to enjoy the company of humans, who seem to move with their passions, rather than a dedication to centuries old rules and traditions.

On one morning, Spirek awakened to the sounds of battle.  Two dozen orcs, backed by goblins, overtook the small farming community, stealing the livestock and killing most of the men.  Spirek tried to help, but overwhelmed, retreated into nearby woods, protecting some of the women and children in the process.  While Spirek trained most of his young life for warfare, he had never seen it up close, before.  Thinking back to reports he overheard regarding orc attacks on elven towns, Spirek became angry.  The more he thought about his own people being slaughtered helplessly by such evil, the more his rage grew.

His father seemed more willing to wait and bide his time than take action, as his people had done for centuries.  While Spirek knew wisdom could be found in his people’s old ways, he also believed that such predictability could become a liability.  Normally savage orcs and near mindless goblins lost to the elves well planned strategies, even when they had better numbers.  But, what if someone or something much more intelligent guided them using a much larger strategy.  Spirek decided that he would find out, doing something unexpected.  He would set out by himself or with a small group, and find out who or what lead the more vicious races to slaughter his kin.

And if he became a hero in the process, all the better!

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