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Ducking Fallout

By now, unless you manager to avoid nearly all news coverage for the last few days, you have heard about Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty.”  A&E suspended him from the show for speaking about homosexuality as a sin.  He was speaking about a Bible verse, specifically, when doing so.

For me, this ‘breaking story’ simply punctuates something I have known for some time.  Christians with traditional values must tread carefully, or face possible fallout.  Years ago, I wrote an article on my blog about a well-known non-profit organization.  It pointed out their stand and support of the LBGT agenda.  Despite the fact that few actually saw this blog, they did.  They contacted me quickly and applied pressure to have me take it down.  Even in my own family, I often face flak for my faith and beliefs.

It should not surprised us that as followers of Christ that other persecute us.  Since his accusers nailed Christ to a cross, people, angered by God’s Word, have persecuted and even killed Christians for their beliefs throughout the ages.  In America, for the most part, the hatred tends to express itself through more passive-aggressive means.  Regardless, a Christian who stands for his or her faith likely faces increased persecution as the USA becomes more ‘progressive.’

With such focus only continuing in the future, we must keep our eye on the prize and follow God’s guidance in picking and choosing our battles.  On my next post, I explore that concern.


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