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Jesus’ Birthday

Salutations…and Merry Christmas!

This Christmas, my wife decided to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  She got a small cake, put a candle in it, and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus Christ.  When she shared this with some other people, they felt it was strange.  One even suggested that perhaps she felt depressed and needed help.  Yet, that was not the case at all.

cakeMy wife and I have observed together, over the years, that Christmas in America centers around many things.  Images of presents, Santa, shopping, and much more come to mind.  One cannot walk in most cities without seeing posters or decorations of along those lines.  Yet, rarely, outside of some churches and a few front lawns, does one see decorations representing celebration of our Lord and Savior.  Even a faith founded family will struggle to keep Jesus the center of the celebration because our culture does such a thorough job of pushing Him out of it.

In watching a number of Christmas movies, I’m reminded of this.  Most of them center around the protagonist struggling with faith.  He or she lost their faith and by the end of the movie they must get it back or all is lost.  However, the struggle does not center around faith in our Savior, but in things such as the Christmas Spirit, family or even Santa Clause.

When we, as a nation, prefer to hear stories about faith in something imaginary over our Creator, who died on the cross for us, my heart breaks.  In today’s society, we have somehow made it more acceptable and expected to teach our children faith in Santa Claus than Jesus Christ.  I cannot even express just how much that blows my mind.

This Christmas, let us remember the real reason for Christmas.  Let us remember to worship him today in spirit and in truth.  Let us thank Him for the gift of life, family, blessings and mercy.  Let us keep Him in the center of our celebration and our hearts.

Jesus, Happy Birthday!


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