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What’s Your God?

Recently, a friend posted one of those ‘before and after’ pages, showing that he lost a lot of weight.  On it, he provided a link to the diet plan that he followed to lose it all.  Curious, I clicked on it.  Eventually, it lead to me downloading a 24 page booklet that I blazed through in a few minutes.  Written with a focus on the Bible’s take on the matter, it pointed out that the heart of the matter is a matter of a heart.  In other words, if you are overwight, it is because you’re a glutton.  The Bible speaks very clearly about this, calling it an outright sin.  Aside from the health implications, for many overweight Christians, food replaces God as the center of worship.

meaning of foodI always found it fascinating that many pastors carry and extra 70+ pounds than they need.  They preach against so much sin, going so far as to condemn others in rare cases, when they, themselves, worship another God.  This author tackles that sacred cow, as well.

He proposes that, to break the chains, one eat half as much as before.  Don’t change your diet too much, outside of getting rid of high fructose foods and all drinks but water.  Wherever you would normally eat (3 meals / day), simply cut the portions in half.  That simple.  Having practiced that myself for the last couple of months, I can attest to the effectiveness of the approach, having lost about 7 pounds.

In the Bible, many of the saints fasted when they wanted to grow closer to God.  We must learn to totally depend on Him for our faith to increase, and breaking the bonds with food, albeit temporarily, can help us do just that.  I have always believed that fasting does not only mean abstinence from food, though given out addiction to overeating in this country, it is a great place to start.  Out ideas would include abstinence from TV, entertainment, shopping and more.  If you have something in your life you just cannot seem to do without, consider a fasting from it.

As we close in on New Years and the day of making resolutions, ponder these points 🙂  In the mean time, if you want to get serious about losing weight and beating that sin of overeating, feel free to check out


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