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The Viewing Chapter IV

Written in the same comic universe as Stardust and Wildlight, the following short story is more of a writing exercise than anything else.   Feedback is always welcome, and I do hope you get some enjoyment out of it. 

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The Viewing – Chapter IV

Bill straightened up a bit.  “Ummm…Ok.  What… what are you doing about it?”

Officer Lisa Clark shifted her legs.  “Well, that’s what we’re hoping you can help us with.  This killer…he or she is fast.  Your brother isn’t the first victim.  This one is an expert.  But with your help, we might have a chance to finally stop them.”

Bill stammered, “Me?  How?  I don’t have any powers…. Outside of reading dead people’s thoughts.  I…”

“That’s not true.”


“Remember, I told you, I have a few gifts of my own.  I can see the potential in people.  And you have some untapped potential, William.  You don’t just have the ability to read thoughts … but you can push them onto others, as well.”

“What?  I’ve never…”

“You’ve never pushed yourself.  But the potential is there.  Let’s practice it now.  Look directly at me, and focus.”

“Wait…I don’t understand…”

“Look, if you can push a thought into his or her head, a single word, you can slow the assassin down enough to where my partner and I can take her down.  I’m pretty sure that neither of us is fast enough.  Not without your help.  But no matter how fast the killer may be, thought is faster.  Simply put a thought to “Stop”, in their head, and you buy us that precious moment we need.”

Bill started to sweat a bit.  This was too much information, too fast.

“I think you got the wrong person.  Shouldn’t I be in protective custody or something if she’s that dangerous?”

The woman’s piercing blue eyes stared intently at him.  “Bill, you do know the laws about registration, right?”

He squirmed in his chair.  “Who doesn’t?”

“Bill, you haven’t registered.  If I take you in to protective custody, we would have to have a conversation with a prosecutor about that.  I’m sure you’re aware that failure to register with the Department is a felony.”

“Yeah, I guess, but…”

“Bill, I have been authorized to make sure that you’re … forgotten about.  I’m more concerned about the bigger evil out there than your failure to fill out some papers and jump through some red tape.  Work with me, and I’ll make sure the Department stays off your case.  Deal?”

heartBill could swear his heart stopped for a second.  Surly she noticed his discomfort at this point.  Wiping his brow, he thought about it for a minute.  Either way he went, it seemed like a bad deal.  If he turned down the officer’s deal, he would easily spend a decade in prison.  If he went for what she offered, he could be risking his life on an ability that, a minute ago, he did not even know he had.  He struggled internally for what felt like forever.

“Well, Mr. Kroger?”

He looked into those eyes.  To be honest, he couldn’t look away.  “Ok… fine.  Fine.  So, how do I use this power… plant a thought?  Whatever.”

She smiled.  “Good.  We may not have much time.  Look into my eyes and listen carefully to what I tell you to do.”

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