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The Viewing Chapter V

Written in the same comic universe as Stardust and Wildlight, the following short story is more of a writing exercise than anything else.   Feedback is always welcome, and I do hope you get some enjoyment out of it. 

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The Viewing – Chapter V

He sat alone, in the darkness and silence.  Well, technically, he was not alone.  In the bathroom, Officer Lisa Clark waited to assist him when his would-be assassin tries to make a move.

Still, sitting here like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered rubbed him the wrong way.  With the new trick she showed him, William theoretically had the upper hand.  But, could he be sure of that?

He thought he saw a shadow move out of the corner of his eye.  He quickly turned his head in that direction and squinted.  He saw nothing.  Bill desperately wanted to turn on every light in the room.  However, Officer Clark warned him against it, saying something about how she can better surprise the criminal in the darkness.

He tried to regain his focus, allowing the image of his brother, lying there in a casket, to dominate his thoughts, if only for a moment.  In his fear, he almost forgot the up side of this approach.  If he assisted with the apprehension of his brother’s killer, it would, in some small way, give him some satisfaction.  He was not sure if his mother would approve, though.  After their father was killed, she quoted some Bible passage about vengeance belonging to the Lord or something like that.  Bill wished she would grow up and stop living in a fantasy tale world with angels, demons and saviors.  In the real world, the only vengeance and satisfaction one received was earned with his own hands.

And while a lot about this plan worried him, at least he was doing just that… getting revenge for his brother’s death personally.

Where was the partner she mentioned earlier?  Nearly half an hour had passed since he got home, and no sign of her backup bothered to show.  He knew that officers loved donuts but…

Another movement in the shadows?  That was it.

“Computer, lights.”

Nothing happened.  Someone..maybe the good officer, wanted to make sure the lights stayed off.

Again movement.

Bill backed up away from it, defensively.  He wasn’t sure his ‘power’ would work if he couldn’t see his assailant.  He did not think to ask Officer Clark.

“Show yourself!”

A short, female form walked out of the shadows.  Dressed in some sort of spandex jump suit, she couldn’t stand taller than 5′ 4″.  Clearly, she was of Asian descent, in her 20’s, with long hair that went down to at least her shoulder blades.

“I’m sorry if I startled you.  I’m Wildlight… can call me Tammy.”

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