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The Viewing Chapter VI

Written in the same comic universe as Stardust and Wildlight, the following short story is more of a writing exercise than anything else.   Feedback is always welcome, and I do hope you get some enjoyment out of it. 

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The Viewing – Chapter VI

Bill froze, if only for a moment.  He expected someone a lot more intimidating.  Her outfit resembled something he might see an enforcer wear.  She even had some sort of badge on.  However, if she was the murderer of his brother, he could scarcely waste time doubting what needed to be done next.

Quickly, he dug into his mental reserves, as Lisa Clark showed him.  “Stop,” he said, in a calm voice.  While in the past he could only read the memories of the dead, she had shown him how to override the thoughts of the living.

Her body froze.  Only her eyes blinked occasionally.  It worked.  Bill could hardly believe it, but Officer Clark was true to her word.  She somehow reached into him, unlocked his potential and enabled him to defend himself.

She came out of the shadows from the room next door, clapping.  “Nicely done, Bill.  I could not have handled that better, myself.”

“You were right.  She was going to kill me.  And I stopped her.  That was… that was amazing.”

Office Lisa Clark pulled out her communicom.  “Tyson, we got her.”

The front door opened, and a large, brooding man stepped in.  Dressed in leathers that barely covered his broad frame, Tyson was not someone you wanted to meet in a dark alley.  No one used ‘small’ to describe Bill, but this guy looked as if he has 75 pounds on him…most of it muscle.

“Finally.  I was getting bored sittin’ in the car.”

The man stepped up to the Asian woman and pulled out a knife.  “I’ve been looking forward to this, Wildlight.”  With a speed that defied his size, the brute thrust a dagger into her back.  At least, he tried.  The blade broke on impact, nearly twisting his wrist in the process.

“Idiot!” the blue eyed woman seethed.  “Her armor has to be dealt first.  Use the EMP stick, like I told you before.  Or, crush her skull in.  It doesn’t look that well protected!”

Bill couldn’t believe his eyes.  Clearly, these were not officers.  He had been duped.  These two were out to kill that woman who might well be an enforcer, herself.  He had really stepped in it this time.

“Stop….” he said in a quivering voice.  He tried to reach into his mind for the power.  Maybe he could stop the strong man the way he caused Tammy to.

No dice.  The brute looked over to Bill, briefly.  “Hey, don’t worry, string bean.  I’ll get to you next.  I’m just going to peel this sardine out of her can first, if you don’t mind.”

Lisa’s eye glowed in the darkness.  “Your help has been most beneficial, Bill.  Thank you.  But, Tyson is right.  We can’t have you running off telling the feds what you saw.”

Bill backed up, his mind racing.  Clearly, he was no match for the two of them.  Bill was pretty certain Tyson alone could take him with one arm tied behind is back.  If only he had some way to…

His leg hit the end table.  Of course!  He put a pistol there a while back, under a false drawer bottom, for the day he found his brother’s killer.  Now, it would serve to protect him.  He opened the drawer slowly, so to not draw attention.

Tyson looked a little confused.  “Where was…oh right.”  He searched through the pockets on his jacket and pulled out a device.  “Found it.”

“Hurry up!” seethed ‘Officer’ Clark.

He pressed some buttons.  “Ok…it’s booting.  Just a second.  All right.”

“Put it on her back.  That should take her armor down.”

smokingBill pulled the gun out, slowly.  He was glad he kept it loaded.  However, his hand and aim were anything but steady.

The brute bent over to put the device on the small woman.  “This should take that smug look off her face.”

Bill would have no better shot.  He pulled the trigger.  The deafening noise caused Lisa to scream and cover her ears.  Bill hoped that Tyson would drop.  Instead, only the device he was holding hit the ground.  He straightened up and looked over at Bill, anger causing large blood vessels to pump through is forehead.

Tyson started shoving furniture aside stomping his way towards Bill.  Bill shot again.  The bullet seemed to lodge itself into the brute’s chest.  “I *hate* loud noise!  I’m going to KILL you!”

Concluded in Chapter VII Here.


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