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The Viewing Chapter VII

Written in the same comic universe as Stardust and Wildlight, the following short story is more of a writing exercise than anything else.   Feedback is always welcome, and I do hope you get some enjoyment out of it. 

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The Viewing – Chapter VII

Bill took a few steps back, dropping his gun in the process.  Bullets clearly weren’t going to slow the large brute down.  A water gun would be just as effective.  His heart leapt as his back felt a wall behind him.

Tyson lunged at Bill. At the last second, Bill ducked down, adrenaline pumping through his veins.  Getting on his hands and knees, he crawled under a table, just to have Tyson pick it off the ground as if was made of paper.

“Stay still.  I’m going to squish you.”

Not able to crawl away fast enough, Tyson’s meaty paw caught Bill by the collar.  Effortlessly, he picked Bill up into the air nearly chocking him.  The 20-something oversized man bore a grin, revealing he was missing a few teeth.  It only made him look more menacing.  Bill saw him in the vision he had when he touched his dead brother just a few hours earlier, but Tyson looked more monstrous in person.

“Now, I take care of you, the way I took care of your brother.”

The blue eyed woman yelled “Tyson, look out!”

But it was too late.  The big man’s eyes opened wide and a look of shock covered his face as he instinctively dropped Bill.  Falling to his knees, the man hollered in anguish.  Behind him, Bill saw the woman he froze earlier, Wildlight.
FrameShe watched Tyson for a minute, to make sure he was not getting back up.  She looked up at Bill, with a slight look of worry on her face.  “It’s a secret pressure point I learned practicing Shaolin kung fu.  Takes down even the strongest of men.  I believe it’s called the groin.”

Bill quickly scanned the room.  Where was ‘officer’ Lisa Clark?

He got his answer a moment later when he felt a cold arm grab him around the neck and force his head forward with her other arm.

“I don’t know who you think you are, little Bill, but you’re not robbing us of our chance to kill this woman.  Command her to stop, like you did before, or I break your neck.”

Looking forward, Bill could see Tammy.  She looked concerned.  When he was younger, he always imagined that he would be the one saving a lady in distress, rather than the other way around.


Bill’s mind raced.  Maybe this blue eyed metahuman did not have any special powers…or, at least any that could threaten him.  Her grip was tight enough, but nothing he hadn’t faced before during boot camp.

He jabed his left arm back, ramming his elbow into her side, and quickly spun around, grabbing her arms with his free hand.  A quick left cross, and she was lying on the ground.

“Wow.  Nice work!  I take it you’ve been through some training before.  Most people wouldn’t have known how to handle that situation so well.”

“Yeah, you could say that.”

“These two are wanted by the Department of Special Forces.  And, while I’m not their biggest fan, the fact these two were constantly gunning for me put them up on my list of things to take care of today.  I’ve been tracking them for some time.  I’m sorry you had to get involved.”

“Ummm…no problem.  But, how did they know so much about me, or my brother?”

Tammy pulled some cuffs from her belt.  “Oh, you can thank blue eyes, over there.  She’s a reader.  She can read other’s thoughts, figure out their powers, and more.  And Tyson over there, well, he’s basically her hired muscle.”

She snapped the cuffs on Tyson first.  “Don’t worry, these manacles are not only great at restraining bad guys, but they’re usually pretty good at nullifying most meta human’s special abilities.”

She walked to his front door, and looked distant for a minute.  She was murmuring something … but Bill couldn’t make out but a few words, “Department….ok…. Christi.”

She turned around.  “There are two officers who are less than a couple of minutes away.  They’ll pick up these two.  It’s best that I’m not here when they arrive, so I’ll leave.  You should be fine until then.”

It was increasingly clear to him that this Wildlight wasn’t with the DoSF…at least not officially.  Still, he had to be sure.

“Hey, um, thanks for saving me there.  And I’m sorry for, you know… paralyzing you.”

“I understand.  You were confused.  It could happen to anyone.”

Bill hesitated.  Tammy was a metahuman of some sort.  By apprehending these criminals, she was probably acting as a vigilante.  Chances were, she would not tell the DoSF about his abilities.  But once the officers hauled away Tyson and Lisa, and questioned them, they were sure to blab.  It would only be a matter of time before the Investigators were sent to haul him in on charges of failure to register.

Tammy looked out the door, and turned back.  She seemed to recognize the concern in his face.  “Hey, I know you aren’t registered.”

“You do?”

“Yeah.  You could say I have a direct tie in with their database.  Look, I can’t guarantee anything, but I will keep an eye open for you.  If your name pops up in their database, I’ll get it wiped out.”

“Wow.  Yeah, that would be appreciated.”

“Take care.  God bless you.”

God?  For just a brief moment, Tammy sounded like his mother.

With that, she ran out the door.  William watched as she ran down the road.  She sped past cars as she turned the corner.  As she did, a patrol cruiser, with lights flashing, came from the other corner.

The next morning, Bill had breakfast with his mother.

He relayed to her what happened… how her son was killed by criminals who were trying to set a trap for this meta-human superhero.  He told her how he paralyzed the wrong person, and how the massive Tyson nearly squeezed him like a grape.

“How did you escape, son?”

Bill thought about his answer for a moment.  “God sent an angel to protect me, Mom.”

She smiled and one of her eyes filled up with a tear.  Perhaps there was room for faith in Bill’s heart, after all.


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