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A Journey’s End Intro

I’m working on a short story, A Journey’s End, with help from my friend Laz (and anyone who would like to help edit).  As I complete each chapter, I’ll post it up here.  Keep in mind, that chapters posted on my blog have not been edited, and the final version may change.  Also, as a courtesy, I would ask that you notify me if you do see any errors that need to be addressed.  I hope that this story will bless your life and draw you closer to God.



Salutations.  Welcome to my second short story, A Journey’s End.   As a fan of fantasy games and books, I pen this short story to celebrate those adventures I enjoyed so much.   I grew up playing pen and paper role playing games (RPGs) such as Dungeons & Dragons, video games like Final Fantasy, and books along the lines of Lord of the Rings.  To this day, I still have fun with RPGs, as well as reading fantasy fiction novels.

Yet, I don’t stop there.  As a follower of Jesus Christ, I also seek to glorify God and share my faith with others through my stories.  C.S. Lewis accomplished this task wonderfully with books such as The Chronicles of Narnia. Hardly the first, the use of fictional stories to communicate the truths of God dates back to the parables of Jesus himself.

Yet, I hesitate to refer to this as a Christian work.  To call it thus somehow denotes a form of holiness or the such that separates it from other works.  It breeds prideful elitism.  And what one calls ‘holy,’ another called ‘blasphemy.’  However, the Bible does say, Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. (Phil 4.8)

So, my prayer in creating this story will be that I will create something right, noble and pure so that, as you read about it and think about what is taught here, your mind is turned towards God.  At the same time, I also hope that you find the story and artwork entertaining in its own right.

I thank my friends, family and my wife, who encourage me further in such things.  I also would like to recoganze my good friend and brother, Laz, who created much of the artwork you will see in this story.

I would ask that if you find any good in what you read here, that you give all glory to God.

Phil aka JCServant
I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. (Phil 3.14)





The captain looked around him.  It seemed that nearly a third of his men were cut down, and the losses were mounting.  The brutish orcs, backed by cunning and nimble goblins, were winning.  And, with all of his years of training, and experience… all of his strength and wisdom… he could not see a way for them to win this battle.  The enemy, well organized, and supplied, was simply too much for them.

“Withdraw!!,” he yelled at the top of his lungs.  “Fall back!!  Fall back to Talibia!!”

The small town located nearly four miles to their north did not offer much.  However, the palisade walls would certain provide them a better chance to make a final defense than continuing to hold a war of attrition in the open where his men were clearly losing.

Click for full image.

Click for full image.

An orc’s battle axe swung down from his left, just within his peripheral vision.  He raised his shield in the nick of time to block it.  Yet, the blow was hard enough to not only cause sparks to fly, but force him to stagger back two steps.  As he did, he felt something pierce his right thigh.

He cried out as he looked down.  A vicious goblin pulled a bloodied dagger back, doing just as much damage coming out as it did going in.

“Damn you!!” the captain yelled as he swung his sword around.  It lit up in a holy fire as he did.  The goblin jumped to the side, but not far enough as the sword slashed across his small chest, and the flame caught his clothing on fire.

The captain had not time to relish his revenge, however, as the orc pressed his attack yet again.  The orc was strong, but a bit slow, allowing the young captain another chance to raise his shield.  This time, however, the blow from the orc caused the shield to fly out of the captain’s hand.

The orc grinned menacingly, his lower mandible hanging a bit crooked.  Then the smile fell off his face and eyes opened wide.  He looked down to see a pointed end of a short shooting out of his gut.  He slumped down to the ground, his dark greenish blood pouring out.

Behind him, a red headed woman with fiery green eyes yelled, “Captain, did you call for a retreat?”

He looked around him.  He was clear for the moment, but the scene around him continued to deteriorate.  At this rate, his men wouldn’t last much longer.

“Yes.  Sound the retreat.  We’re outnumbered and outflanked.”

The woman made a signal, and from some distance, a standard bearer holding the flag of the alliance, raised a horn to his lips, and sounded three short bursts.

The two warriors worked together to fight off a few more, giving some of the men and women on the field more time to fall back before they started to retreat themselves.

“I have never seen orcs and goblinoids so well organized before.  They’re savages!  Who taught them to fight with coordination?  Who directs their strategy??” the red head said aloud, in frustration.

“Lieutenant, I don’t know.  But whoever it is, they’re beating the crap out of us.  If we don’t figure something out soon, we’re going to lose this war.”

Coming Soon: Chapter 1… the beginning of Goloff’s Story.


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