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A Journey’s End: Chapter 01

I’m working on a short story, A Journey’s End, with help from my friend Laz (and anyone who would like to help edit).  As I complete each chapter, I’ll post it up here.  Keep in mind, that chapters posted on my blog have not been edited, and the final version may change.  Also, as a courtesy, I would ask that you notify me if you do see any errors that need to be addressed.  I hope that this story will bless your life and draw you closer to God.

Chapter 1: Restday Morn opens our story with Goloff, a hardworking dwarf hoping for just a little R&R.

Chapter I

Restday Morn – Nearly Three Years Ago

Goloff wanted to wake up slowly.  He had a rough week that a goblin raid made only rougher.  On top of that, if felt like he pulled out his shoulder a few days ago at work.  He could still move it without restraint, but it felt like a blacksmith’s fire pit when he pushed it too far.  Even sitting still, he could feel it throb just a bit.  Despite his aches and pains, and the exhaustion a rough week of work brought on, however, his wife was not going to allow him to be lazy, even just one day of the week.

“Goloff, ya lazy ass.  Get out of bed right this minute!  This sun rises in an hour, and ya ‘aven’t even tended to the morning chores.  The boys will wake shortly, and I still ‘ave no eggs ta cook a breakfast with.  Now get movin’!”

“Och.  Ok, ok, ya mangy harpy.  I heard ya.”

Goloff sat up.  He stretched a bit, and rolled his head around, causing numerous cracking noises.

“What’s yer plans for today?” his wife asked.

Six days a week, Goloff worked in the forests, cutting down trees for timber.  He got one day off each week, which he usually spent training his three boys on any number of life’s necessities… hunting, building and even farming.

But, today, he had other plans.  After months without a day to himself, he was going out with some of the guys to catch fish in the nearby Golamin river.  Granted, it was still work.  But, the family could use some more meat, and spending the day travelling there and back with just his close friends would give him some much needed decompression time.

“I’m catchin’ some fish with the men.  I shan’t be gone too long.”

His wife sighed.  Clearly, she struggled whether or not to argue with him.  The perpetual list of chores and errands demanding his attention could easily consume a few months worth of restdays, but things needed to be done.  Still, even she recognized his need for a little relaxation here and there.

“Ok, fine luv,” she replied.  “Just help me get breakfast on the table, take care of the livestock for me, and don’t forget to say good-bye to the laddies on the way out.”

Goloff’s eyes showed a rare bit of excited.  She didn’t even say something sarcastic.

“Thank ye, love!” He gave her a kiss as he grabbed a basket to head out to the pens.  “I knew I married the right lass!”

forestA few hours later, he was in the woods with Yakon and Khord.  Yakon worked with him during the week in the woods.  Khord, on the other hand, trained and served with him when they were young.  All able body Dwarves were expected to serve for five years once they were old enough.  By the fates, they not only trained and served together, but settled in the same town afterwards to raise families.

“Just between us men, I’m glad to get outta da house and get some fresh air,” Goloff said.

“Och, yer out in the fresh air everyday, Goloff!,” Khord replied.

“And it’s a good thing too,” the red haired Yakon interjected.  “I don’t care for the stuffy air of the larger cities.”

Goloff chuckled.  “Well, every day I work, and every night I come home and help do things around the house, rear the youngins and the such.  And they’re a blesses, but they’re also a handful.”  He sighed. “Its fine, I suppose, but sometimes I just have to get away.  Nothin’ a little fishin’ won’t fix.”

“Hey, Goloff…did ya cut yer hair?” Khord asked.

Goloff’s sandy, blond hair and beard were rather long.  Long hair, and a long beard were, of course, a source of pride to his people.  However, there were limits to just about anything.  “Aye.  Ol’ Yakon here accidently swipped a few inches off with his axe.  Said my hair was so massive, it looked like one of the trees.”

Yaken raised his voice. “Hey!  Hey!! I think I know the difference between a tree and yer beard, Goloff.  Truth was, the old man was trippin’ over it.  The boss told him to it was a hazard.”

Before Goloff could retort, Khord held up his hand.  His body stiffened.  “Wait. Something’s wrong.”  He narrowed his eyes.  “Something’s not….there.  Back at the town.  Smoke rises!”

“What?”  Goloff dropped his fishing rod.  “Let’s get back.  Now!”

Coming Soon: Chapter 2… Where there’s smoke…


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  1. I really like the way you write speech! I’m also writing a novel 🙂

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