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Bible Study: John 10

Salutations.  I’m reading through most of the New Testament, chapter by chapter, and logging some of my thoughts here in my journal.  I continue this study, looking at the message of Salvation and John the Baptist’s Testamony.  I highly encourage you to read God’s Word for yourself and share your thoughts!

John Chapter 10

The first few paragraphs talk about how Jesus is the good shepherd.  To have Jesus as the one who leads, protects and cares for us blows the mind.  It’s certainly knowledge we can take much comfort in.  When life hits us with trials, disasters and pain, we should read these passages again.

The passages that talk about how the sheep will know his voice reminds me of the passage in Jeremiah, “I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts.”  While we are told to study the Word of God to show ourselves approved and to be able to give an answer for that which we believe in, we also have the testimony of the Holy Spirit.

I have heard the verse about the hired help used to describe associate pastors in churches.  That presumes much.  Regardless, not to demean the role of our leaders in organized churches, but I feel that these passages talk about Jesus, and Jesus alone.

Later on, Jesus says, “I give them (His followers) eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.”  This seems to support the ‘once saved, always saved’ theology, but other passages support seem to contradict that.

Again, the Pharisees try to kill Jesus, and he slips away.  It is heartbreaking how those who should recognize Him and love Him the most, try to kill Him instead.


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