The journey of a nerd who loves the Lord

I’m working on a short story, A Journey’s End, with help from my friend Laz (and anyone who would like to help edit).  As I complete each chapter, I’ll post it up here.  Keep in mind, that chapters posted on my blog have not been edited, and the final version may change.  Also, as a courtesy, I would ask that you notify me if you do see any errors that need to be addressed.  I hope that this story will bless your life and draw you closer to God.

Chapter 3: Drak’Nor, the Dark Wizard.

Chapter III

The Dark Wizard

Two Years Ago.  The sun shined brightly as the crisp air blew leaves up from the ground.  Birds could be heard from all around, singing in praise of the beautiful day.  Leaves blew around the ankles of Drak’Nor, the young  wizard apprentice.   Despite the seasonal weather, Drak’Nor wore a full cloak with a hood and lower mask that cast an unnatural shadow over his glowing eyes.

Five clay jars stood 50 feet in front of the wizard-in-training, sitting on various tables and stools.  An old man shouted from the back, “Now, shatter them all at once!”

With a short, magical incantation, the wizard did as told.  Have waived his right hand in a repeating, semi-circular motion and then pointed at each one of the jars, in quick succession.  As he did, a bright orb of light shot from his fingertip, raced forward, and struck each, shattering it in turn.

“Good.  GOOD!,” the old man said excitedly.  “Well, Drak’Nor, I believe you know everything I could teach you.  It’s been three years… I dare say, you’ve been my fastest student, by far!”

Drak’Nor nodded.  In a deep voice that seem to defy his small stature, he replied, “You have taught me well, master.”

“When you first approached me, I asked you why you wanted to learn magic.  You said that you wanted to know power.  You hungered for it.  You will do.  That desire brought you focus.”

“Indeed,” the student agreed.

“I have nothing further to teach you, young man.  Your apprenticeship is complete.  I have something for you.”

The old wizard moved his hands in a circle, and a staff appeared. With ornate, detailed carvings, it could fetch a fair sum of gold just on the craftsmanship alone.  Of course, Drak’Nor knew that such a staff would hid other qualities underneath of its admirable carvings.

“I bought this staff from an Elvin merchant during one of my trips to Silverfall.  It will help you focus your spells; enhance them, even!  Hold this and use it as you case, and you will weave your magic more effectively.

Full Res-Dark'NorFace

Drak’Nor held the staff and felt its power.  The old man spoke the truth.  Drak’Nor whipped around and cast the same spell at the remains of the clay pots that he shattered earlier.  This time, he vaporized each of the piles of clay, leaving nothing behind.

“Amazing!” the old man exclaimed.  “Even now, you continue to impress me, my student.”

Drak’Nor nodded.  “Thank you.  I shall take my leave, now.  Our agreement is done.”

The old man nodded in return.  “Drak’Nor, may I ask, where will you go?”

“I must seek new power.  I will search and discover artifacts, new spells and continue to hone my craft in combat until none can best me.”

“I see.  Before you leave, Drak’Nor, may I see your face?  Three years you have been my student, and you made it clear you valued your privacy.  Still, I would like to see the face of the student I trained.”

“You know that I cannot allow that, master.  They day you or anyone sees my face, they will surly parish by my hand.”

With that said, Drak’Nor walked away, with the new staff in hand.

Next: Chapter 4: Lookin’ for Power In All The Wrong Places.


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