The journey of a nerd who loves the Lord

March Update

Salutations!  Here’s another update on my goals and where I’m at.  I apologize for my tardiness here.  I should have had this up at the beginning of the month, and instead I’m a couple of weeks in.  With that said, I have taken a few steps forward in a number of areas, but not all.

First, let me apologize for the slowdown of posts.  The fan on my graphics card on my main computer stopped working, necessitating some McGuyver skills on my part to at least get the beast up and running.  While limited in what I can do, I can, at least, get into Windows and do most things with the help of a desk fan blowing directly on the card itself.  In the mean time, I use my mornings to search for a replacement.  My computers cost mucho dinero, so I make sure I do a fair amount of research and shop around before committing.

Now, with my excuses on the way, on to the goals!

I’m a little late doing this…but its better late than never!  It’s time for a monthly New Years’ Resolution Update!  In order to be somewhat successful with resolutions, one should review the progress that’s been made over a period of time.  So, let’s do this!

I posted earlier this year about my goals and I wanted to write out an update.

  1. sinnerLost 25 lbs: Disappointed with my gains (err…I mean losses) in Jan and most of Feb, I decided, with my wife’s help, to cut down even further.  I read You’re A Big Fat Sinner, and I highly recommend it to those who believe in God’s Word.  It provided extra motivation to cut back.  As a result, I’m 3 lbs shy of my weight from 3 weeks ago, and about 4.5 lbs down from my beginning weight this year.
  2. Exercise 3 times/week: I have improved on this.  Very rarely I have pushed a workout back a day, but I cannot even remember the last time I outright skipped a workout..
  3. Write More: I continue to update the journal nearly every day (computer issues notwithstanding).  You can also ready up to chapter 4 in A Journey’s End.
  4. Create a Game: No progress what so ever.
  5. Drawing: I got a few done, but not as many as I would like.  Check out my DA page to see my latest.
    Bible Study: On this journey, you can read my progress through the Book of John, as well as my study on Brother Greg’s 95 Theses for the Evangelical Church.

I hope that seeing my progress (and lack thereof) will inspire you to work hard towards whatever goals the LORD has placed on your heart.  If so, shoot me off an email or share in the comments below!


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