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A friend and I had a bit of a debate a couple of weeks ago.  He asserted that the Bible confuses people, and therefore we need a prophet to interpret the Word for us.  I, of course, argued to the contrary.  Because we covered a variety of topics that evening, I did not go into much depth.  However, later, I did more research on the topic, and the results surprised me.

Upon looking into the matter further, I discovered numerous instances where God did, indeed, allow or cause confusion among the ranks of people.  The Tower of Babel provides the most clear cut example.  I also found a variety of passages also demonstrating that God does confuse and confound ‘the wise.’  “The wisdom of God is foolishness to man.”  In context, it becomes clear that God mostly works to confound those who are ‘wise’ via pride.

My original argument rested on a passage in 1 Cor which states that God is not the author of confusion.  However, I committed the same mistake I accuse others of all of the time.  I neglected to interpret that passage in light of those around it, as well as the rest of the Bible.  Reading that entire chapter revealed that Paul made that statement in context of church gatherings.  Among the believers, God does not author confusion.  However, when you read the Bible as a whole, you can find many instances and statements about God confusing the prideful non-believer.

For more information on this topic, head over to this webpage which answers the question, “Is God The Author of Confusion” in more detail.


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