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Blog Update


I apologize for dropping off the map, more or less, this month.  Several things came together that really made it hard to get time away.  Unfortunately, I find it hard to write when I’m tired or distracted (and it does not take much to get me to that point, lately).  Like anyone else, I struggle with juggling a job and a myriad of personal challenges.  I refrain from going into much detail when I run into these challenges due to a variety of reasons, including privacy concerns.  However, the largest reason I do not dive to a tirade about my problems and pains is that I’m pretty sure it would bore everyone to tears.  After all, everyone has problems, eh?

For those who wish to keep closer tabs on what I’m involved with, and would like more direct means of communication when I drop off the blogosphere for a bit, I recommend you join my Twitter and/or Facebook feed.

On another topic, in my travels over the last few weeks, I had a number of great conversations with friends and family.  A question came up which I am asked often  If God exists, how does He allow so much evil to happen in this world?  Generally, atheists or those who do not want God as Lord of their lives ask this question most often.  Ravi Zacharias, one of my favorite theological speakers, answers this very concern in the clip below.

Let’s keep in mind that with a moral lawgiver, we really do not have an objective measure of what passes for right or wrong.  Without an objective measure of truth, right or wrong really comes down to personal preference.  And that gets a little scary.


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