The journey of a nerd who loves the Lord

Salutations!  Here’s another update on my goals and where I’m at.  I apologize for my tardiness here. This update is a bit disappointing, but I shall force myself to do it anyway, and it will help me to refocus in a few key areas, while helping me to change a few things that need to happen.

First, I’ll do the traditional update on my goals… and then I have a few important points about my focus for the rest of the year.

I posted earlier this year about my goals and I wanted to write out an update.

  1. Lost 25 lbs: After going to a Big Fat Sinner book, I did well for a month or two.  The last month has been disappointing as I have fallen off the bandwagon.  I will definitely have to get back on it.  The good news is that I’m down a solid 8 lbs or so from the beginning of the year, and about 18 from about a year ago.
  2. Exercise 3 times/week: I’ve slipped a bit on this, as I averaged 2 per week the last month.
  3. Write More: My computer issues, as well as an increase focus at work, interfered with this.  I’m still writing more than last year, and I feel I improved, but I hope to do a lot more.
  4. Create a Game: No progress what so ever.
  5. Drawing: I do not believe I have made any progress on this in the last month or two.
  6. Bible Study: I completed my study on the Book of John, but I have more work to do on Brother Greg’s 95 Theses for the Evangelical Church.

Over the last couple of months, I had to step up my game at work as our landscape has changed.  While I shall refrain from boring my readers with details, it does cut further into time set aside for writing.  Furthermore, I have been dedicating more time the last few months to sharing God with people around me, including inviting people to my house.  I believe that God has opened a number of doors that I must go through in order to preach His truth.  This takes me away from other hobbies I planned to invest time in as I place a higher priority on that.

Finally, my wife and I started playing an MMO together, Final Fantasy XIV.  (Remember, kids, a family that slays together, stays together!).  While I normally have some game time planned in any given week to relax, MMOs take a wee more time than normal games… slowing my progress in other areas.  While this may seem frivolous to some (and I would never disagree), I could hardly pass up an opportunity to spend more time with my wondrous wife.  For those who are into MMOs and FF14, I’ll post a few pics on my FB and Twitter feeds at some point.

Sometimes our best laid plans get changed by God.  I believe its super important that, as we plan, we ask God for guidance and allow room for His will to change our direction when  needed.  We should pray as Jesus did, “Let not my will, but your will be done.”

I hope that seeing my progress (and lack thereof) will inspire you to work hard towards whatever goals the LORD has placed on your heart.  If so, shoot me off an email or share in the comments below!


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