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ID:	150Salutations.  Aside from short reviews of the games we experience on the RPGTrek, I plan to write adventure summaries as I work my way through.  This may seem a bit self indulgent, at best, as I focus on video games instead of more creative pursuits.  However, stopping to write about my imaginary treks helps to further hone my skills.  For example, note how I nearly avoid all use of passive speech in my exposition below.  The more I write, the better I get at goals I set like that.

Now to talk about those of us on the RPGTrek are currently focused on… Dragon Quest II.  Anyway, what follows are my journeys from this insane quest.  While a bit on the spoilry side, I’m presuming I’m safe to post plot details of the game given its age.

Now, onto Dragon Quest II.  In the early part of the game, you start off playing a hero who is a descendant to the hero in the first game.  Set about 100 years in the future, some evil priest dude plans to overrun the world with dark magic, monsters, etc., and our hero must stop it.  Fair enough.  Similar to the first game, the brief intro leaves much to the imagination.  The animation of a monster attack on a castle plays out rather nicely and for its time, must have really delighted RPGamers.

I received my orders from the king, some beginning equipment and head out.  Immediately I noticed a huge difference when a group of enemies attack.  Battles no longer limited my foes to the singular… no, now I faced multiple monsters at the same time.  This did make leveling a bit easier, so I grabbed a few levels before pressing forward.

I knew from listening to towns people (and reading the box cover) that I would eventually have more heroes in my party, so I quickly set forth to find them.  After running an errand and following a lead or two (which took me to a short dungeon), I finally met a fellow Prince who joined all to eagerly.  Without much backstory and a only a few lines of dialogue, I found Kain to be bit of blank slate.  With his ability to heal, but limited in armor and weapon capability, I quickly regulated him to the role of Cleric in my mind’s eye.

I pressed forward, hiking to a distant land, to find my third and final partner.  Having cheated just a tad (My zeal to gather my complete party exceeded my patience), I knew she had been turned into a dog.  A vague clue or two lead me to a magic mirror in a swamp.  Used on the overly affectionate pooch, the facade faded to reveal a wizard princess who looked much more attractive on the box art than her 8-bit art would suggest.  She quickly joined our entourage, and for the first time, I felt I had a complete group of adventurers!  Only the slaughter of hundreds, nay, thousands of enemies stood between us, and the experience needed to take down this evil leader!We quickly pressed forward, and in the interest of time, I shall jump ahead to a bit where we received a ship for exploration and further adventuring. I found myself amazed when, sailing east, I saw the continent from the first game.  While it lacked most of the towns and appeared smaller/zoomed out, having just played the first game I quickly recognized its shape and layout.  Sailing around the south, I headed to the inlet where the original castle still stood.  Across the channel, I could see the castle of the DracoLord, the final enemy from that time.  Between that, and the many references to the hero and princess from the first game, I felt immense satisfaction from appreciating the tie in between the two games.Curiosity got the better of me, and I sailed across to check out DracoLord’s castle.  Filled with tough enemies, I grinded there a bit before delving too far deep.  Eventually, I met the successor to DracoLord who offered my advice on how to deal with our current foe!  Interesting!!  He mentioned five seals which needed to be obtained in order to confront the enemy.After clearing that castle and discovering the artifact sword that the original hero used (Which I gave to Kain), I sailed south…. More to come soon!

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