The journey of a nerd who loves the Lord


As I enjoy this holiday weekend with wife and friends, I also think about God.  He gives us so many blessings.  I sit in an air conditioned building, eating good food and enjoying modern entertainment.  The hot, summer day greets me as I walk outside to tend to our growing gardens.  My beautiful wife smiles as she carries about her business, as she looks forward to some of the activities we have planned together today.  God, through His grace, mercy and riches, makes this all possible.

Indeed, without Him, we would not exist. Yet, how many of go through our days and weekends, without even stopping to thank Him? In many nations, they have so much less than we do, yet thanks God for the basic food they have and the life they live.  Humbly, they bow down and give thanks to our Savior for His sacrifice on our behalf, which gave us life.  Here, thousands of miles away, we have so much more, yet thank Him so much less. The Bible directs us to thank God for all of this and so much more.  Sometimes, I believe that the command does not benefit God as much as it does us.  Thanking God teaches us humility, respect and kindness.  We lack these qualities in our lives today.

Furthermore, giving thanks for what we have helps us puts things in perspective.  One who lacks a thankful heart often finds that what he always wants more than what he currently has.  As the saying goes, “A thankful heart is treasure found.” And, to wrap up my inference (form the title of this post) of combining, allow me to throw in a little Christmas and Muppets into the mix.  Granted, the Muppets are not a holiday, par se, but the little guys are so much fun that they make any holiday feel more special!


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