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Click image for larger version. </p><br /><br /> <p>Name:	boxfront.jpg <br /><br /><br /> Views:	1 <br /><br /><br /> Size:	39.9 KB <br /><br /><br /> ID:	150Salutations.  Aside from short reviews of the games we experience on the RPGTrek, I plan to write adventure summaries as I work my way through.  This may seem a bit self indulgent, at best, as I focus on video games instead of more creative pursuits.  However, stopping to write about my imaginary treks helps to further hone my skills, and helps me to recall my exploits in the future, when my memory fades with old age.  Moving forward, I plan on naming these entries “Exploits of a Polygameist.”

This is my last entry on our game for July 2014, Dragon Quest II.  Follow me as I wrap up this insane quest.  While a bit on the spoilry side, I’m presuming I’m safe to post plot details of the game given its age.


Oh no!  Palette swapped tigers, oh my!

Oh no! Palette swapped tigers, oh my!

I spent more time roaming around the world in my incredibly slow boat, casting “Repel” every couple of dozen steps to stave off would be boarders.  Yes, monsters accost the ship as our heroes sail around the world.  Even the waters hold no safety.

I reached a point where I just could not figure out what to do next.  On my own, I had discovered  numerous keys, and one or two of the needed relics to move forward.  However, I lacked three more, much less the knowledge of what to do with them.  Numerous members of the small communities I visited during my travels gave me clues, most of them vague.  I felt that even Columbo would have a hard time solving this mystery.  I decided to resort to using a guide.

The first stop took me into a fire lava cave located deep in a cave surrounded by water.  Many dangerous monsters lurked inside, ready to tear my heroes to shreds.  Thankfully, I learned a few new tricks in leveling up my heroes, including the almighty “Defeat” spell.  This incantation proved most useful in wiping out whole groups of enemies in the cave, for the mere price of four magic points.

That's a bit too specific.  Could you be a bit more vague?

That’s a bit too specific. Could you be a bit more vague?

While not straight forward, I found my way to the end, where I found an evil statue.  This would late prove invaluable for opening up the way to the iced lands where my nemesis resided.  However, I still needed more crests.  Consulting two different FAQs helped, but the third one I found had specific information as to the location of the missing three.  Frustratingly enough, these relics were not buried in deep dungeons or found in archaic castles.  By searching in key areas in easily accessed areas, one found two or three of the five needed.  Vague clues and persistence would lead those with lots of expendable time to them at some point, I imagine.  But, for those with real life responsibilities, the exercise led only to frustration.

Eventually, my team would explore a cave which held the final crest and also provided the only way to move onto the final area.  Foul magic and cunning workmanship went into the design of this dark cave, as it had more misleading stairs, pits, and hallways twisting into each other than I could shake a stick out.  Seriously, that dungeon could cause the most hardcore RPGamer to quit the game in and of itself.  Only with a FAQ could I even hope to navigate it successfully.

Looks like a vacation destination to me!

Looks like a vacation destination to me!

Eventually we made our way into icy lands.  After hours in that dungeon (even with FAQs), I hoped to find a place to rest (and save!) .  I would be rewarded, but only after being attacked by new, original enemies.  One of them had the power to cast defeat.  Later, my party died in its entirety from a single casting.  Thankfully, this happened after I saved.  Had that occurred before I made it to the temple, my party would have returned back to the last town with half their gold.  While we would retain our earned XP, hours of progress through the incredible maze like dungeon would have been lost.

We finally came upon Hargoth’s castle (or whatever he called himself).  Entering it, we found ourselves back in the original town where it all started.  In talking with the townspeople, they praised a new treaty between Hargoth and the king.  Clearly, not all was right.  I used a magic trinket I picked up on the way to dispel the illusion and we found ourselves in a strange castle surrounded by foes.

Similar to the earlier cave, this castle had its shares of hidden exits, staircases and puzzle like hallways.  Clearly, our foes spent much time, well in advance, insuring that if the limitless supplies of monsters did not defeat us, our own despair would.  So cleverly designed, no normal adventurer could hope to navigate the twists and turns.  However, our group had the sacred spell, F.A.Q., and with it, we eventually made our way to a series of sub-bosses who tested our mettle in combat.

The gloves are off!

The gloves are off!

Yet, they all paled in comparison with their master.  With his last ounce of strength, Hargoth summoned the demon, Shidor.  Shidor wasted no time resorting to a series of vicious spells and attacks that would test the bravest of adventurers.  It took several attempts to beat this monstrosity.  And when he finally died, his castle fell apart as we warped away.

We would eventually make our way home to a celebration held in our honor.  Every town we stopped at, people sang our praises!  The world, rid of monsters, became safe for travel once again.  In the end, the King gave us a position on the throne and fireworks lit up the sky in our honor.

And peace reigned in the land once again….for now!

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