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Dragon_Warrior_III boxSalutations.  RPGTrek continues with the well loved entry, Dragon Warrior III.  Each week, I plan to detail my heroes journey through mysterious lands and deadly dungeons for your entertainment. If you play along, feel free to compare your experiences and leave comments about the similarities and contrasts.  Please be aware that my journals contain some spoilry spoilers.  If that works for you, click on the jump button and step into the shoes of this Utahan polygameist!

Journey of a Utahan Polygameist

Dragon Warrior III – Part 1

01-A pretty beginning

Wow! THIS is a way to start an RPG. Very perty!

Our hero, aptly named Phil, starts out in a dreamlike state.  A voice calls out to him and begins asking questions about his personality.  Eventually, the spirit pushes Phil into a dream scenario.  In it, he hears the queen talking to herself.  A nearby kingdom has a gem that she wants.  It should be her’s, as they clearly do not need it.  As Phil walks into the throne room, he hears the king send out his soldiers.  After all, the queen just told him that the nearby country will attack, so they clearly must do a preemptive strike!  Some question whether a country should rush so hastily into war based on one person’s say so.  Ultimately, Phil must decide whether or not he supports the king.  Once he does, the spirit pulls him back and proceeds to tell him what kind of person he is.  This becomes his ‘personality,’ labeled clearly on his stat sheet.

I have to confess, I reset the game a few times when I got some results that came across as less than flattering.  After finally getting one that seemed reasonable for me (Smart) I pushed forward.  Early on, the king and others tell you that you can find other adventurers at a nearby guild hall.  I passed on the three pre-gen options available and immediately created my own team; Shir, the wizard, Will the cleric and Win the Jester.  (I heard or read somewhere that a Jester can become a sage, the most powerful class, later on).  We pushed off.

Watch out!  Those birds have claws!

Watch out! Those birds have claws!

The beginning area, an island of some girth, provided our early challenges.  We tackled a tower to find a jail key.  That allowed us to talk to an old man who gave us on orb.  With that we could blast through a wall blocking our way through a dungeon.  At the end, we found a teleporter leading us to a new land.

The game immediately impresses with its graphics and sound.  While not quite up to the level of Final Fantasy VI, the graphics’ details far exceed most other RPGs I played at the time.  Battle graphics, especially, delight the eyes!  Given how much time one spends in battle, this elates me to no end.  The backgrounds in the fights have a nice artistic flair as they curve away in the distance, as if someone employed a special lens to take the shot.  In a move most unusual of JRPGs of the time (and not seen in FF4-6), the enemies attack with fluid animation.  This along enhances the battle experience significantly over its NES counterpart.

As we jumped over to the new lands, it became quickly apparent that are foes were more than a match for our puny copper swords.  I decided we needed to grind.  While I hate that word, at least I got to enjoy beautiful graphics and animations as I saved up gold needed to buy weapons and armor offered in the next town.  The party just reached level 8 last night.

Part 2 is now posted for your reading pleasure!


And they kept hoping that the next leap would be the one that leads the home!

And they kept hoping that the next leap would be the one that leads the home!

We got a long way to go, and a short time to get there!

We got a long way to go, and a short time to get there!

Yeah...this doesn't look dangerous.  Not at all!

Yeah…this doesn’t look dangerous. Not at all!

Who builds these things, in the middle of no where, and stocks them with treasure and monsters?

Who builds these things, in the middle of no where, and stocks them with treasure and monsters?


Combat is well animated.

Combat is well animated.

OooOO...A night time mechanic.  Nifty!

OooOO…A night time mechanic. Nifty!




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  1. It’s true about Jesters going into Sages. Any class can become a Sage, but Jesters have an easier time than most with it. Just not fun getting them up there.

    • Its the truth. The guy keeps goofing off instead of fighting! Well, at least he makes a decent meat shield, if nothing else, hahahahaha. Man…these teen levels have really slowed down as well.

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