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Dragon_Warrior_III boxSalutations.  RPGTrek continues with the well loved entry, Dragon Warrior III.  Each week, I plan to detail my heroes journey through mysterious lands and deadly dungeons for your entertainment. If you play along, feel free to compare your experiences and leave comments about the similarities and contrasts.  Please be aware that my journals contain some spoilry spoilers.  If that works for you, click on the jump button and step into the shoes of this Utahan polygameist!

Journey of a Utahan Polygameist

Dragon Warrior III – Part 3

These were guarded during the day.  Good thing they don't have a third shift!

These were guarded during the day. Good thing they don’t have a third shift!

The magic key allowed us to enter room previous beyond our ability to enter.  So, acting like a group of proper thieves…errr…. heroes, we went back to every town and entered every room possible.

After collecting various goodies, we noted that in order to proceed through a cave to the east, we needed permission from a king.  We headed out to Portega and spoke with the people there.  I believe I had to run some errand to earn his trust.  Though, really, my frequent heroics card should have done the trick.  Anywho, he gave me a letter that I showed to a dwarf who blocked my progress.

The land beyond the cave had new critters for me to fight, including some interestingly colored apes.  Seriously, I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  I found another town wither another damsel, or person, in distress.  Asking around revealed that a very bad person took the victim to a nearby cave.

Grape apes?  Really?  LOL

Grape apes? Really? LOL

As I searched through the cave, I once again found myself accosted by all manners of foul monsters.  The design of the rooms, square in a symmetrical pattern, surprised me.  Yet, as I spent well near two hours trekking through the labyrinth of monsters and traps, I could not help but ask myself, yet again, what villian, cognitive of liability concerns such as workman’s comp, chooses a cave full of monsters as his hideaway?  The logic escapes me.

Still, I could not focus long on that, as I kept dying over and over to that foul creature of treasure hording known as the cannibox.  I secretly suspect that the church plants these things in dungeons so that heroes will die over and over, warp back to town and pay for expensive resurrection services.  I must have returned to town no less than three times.  Eventually, I found the room where they hid.  The rogue, who I let off the hook earlier, confronted my team.  He and his henchmen felt the bitter taste of defeat, yet again, and I helped the villagers return home.

Shortly afterwards, I found a monestary where I can change classes.  Unfortunately, no one in my group meets the pre-requesite level 20, yet.  Though, Win, my jester, only needs a few more.  I can hardly wait to turn him into a class more productive in battle!  In the mean time, I have set my sights on a tower just a stone throw distance to the north.  It is said that a book can be found in there that will unlock a secret that heroes seek!  That sounds like a challenge!

Part 04 now available for your continued reading pleasure.




A city in the middle of the desert.

A city in the middle of the desert.

Another with an original name.

Another town with an original name.






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