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Dragon Warrior III: Part 05

Dragon_Warrior_III boxSalutations.  RPGTrek continues with the well loved entry, Dragon Warrior III.  Each week, I plan to detail my heroes journey through mysterious lands and deadly dungeons for your entertainment. If you play along, feel free to compare your experiences and leave comments about the similarities and contrasts.  Please be aware that my journals contain some spoilry spoilers.  If that works for you, click on the jump button and step into the shoes of this Utahan polygameist!  (You can read all of the Dragon Warrior III journals here from the beginning.  Start at the bottom.)

Journey of a Utahan Polygameist

Dragon Warrior III – Part 5

It took a while, but it was worth it!

It took a while, but it was worth it!

After our adventure awarding us the first of six orbs, our group enjoyed a long night of rest.  Over a virtual breakfast at the local, friendly inn, we discussed our next move.  With no clear direction of where to go next, we decided to jump in our ship and map the world.  In case I failed to mention it earlier, we picked up a blank map which slowly fills in as we discover new lands.  We completed a small portion of it thus far, but with a ship under our command, we would be capable of completing much more.

It took quite a bit of time, but the experience earned during the trip proved valuable.  Our wayward Jester who became a dealer, hit level 20 and changed to rogue, hit level 20 again, and now walks the way of the warrior.  Since the game eventually averages outs all stats to their ‘norms’ for a given level, the main, noticeable benefit of the exercise is that Win now has all abilities (spells) of each class.

41 OK This is Funny

Ok… That’s funny!

We discovered numerous towns, dungeons and strange locations, including a few we could not yet reach.  One town on a small island sold an herb that made us invisable.  Later, we used it to sneak into castle that had an alert guard.  While it did not last long, we did have enough time to attempt to speak to various people, whilest completely unseen.  This led to one of the games’ more humorous moments, seen to the right.  While there, we solved a short puzzle in the basement to find a “thirsty jug.”

On another continent, we met a man who wanted to start a new town.  He needed a dealer or merchant to get things going.  We quickly warped back to the first city, and created a new dealer character, Samantha.  We told Will, our cleric, to take a small break so we could fit Sam into our party.  Then, jumping on a ship, we quickly headed back to the gentleman.  He asked if Sam wanted to leave us permanently.  Not attached very closely to us, Sam accepted his offer and they immediately went to work.

45 Blue Orb

And I did it myyyyy way!

Following a lead he gave us, we headed to a large town called “Soo.”  There, we were given directions how to use the ‘thirsty jug’  We headed to some corals, dropped it down, and it sucked up enough water to reveal the entrance of a dungeon where we found the “Final Key.”  With that in hand, doors would no longer stand as an obstacle in our way.  Now, we could push forward in our quest.

So, we turned our attention on finding more orbs.  Back at the town where we bought the invisibility herbs, we found a temple.  To enter, one of us had to agree to brave its dangers, alone.  Phil, the well rounded hero, volunteered.  Without too much trouble, he tackled the countless monsters and traps to retrieve the blue orb.  Later, we investigated the remains of a destroyed town.  It appeared empty, until we visited at night.  The townspeople (or more accurately, their ghosts), wandered the crumbling buildings and empty streets.  The prisoner in a jail gave us our third orb.  We also found a flute in an abandoned tower which would help us find more orbs.

As I close out this entry, I cannot help but be amazed at the sheer amount of content and events found in this NES title.  My brother, playing this concurrently with me, commented that he is enjoying this more than the SNES Final Fantasy games he played just months earlier.  Amazing!

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40 Samantha WILL build a shop

It was nice knowing you… for 8 minutes!

38 Soo Village

“Not to be confused with Moo Village”

39 ooo Creepy

That’s all you, Sam!


42 Thirst pitcher

Just how thirsty is it?

46 Echo flute

What’s a hero without a trusty flute?

43 Fountain Spirit

Well, we have a flute in this game, we need a fairy, too!

44 Green Orb

3 down, 3 to go.


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