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A week or three ago, some friends (and friends of friends) discussed the “Ice Bucket Challenge” on Facebook.  One of these friends linked an article about how the author could not support it.  I stopped to read the entry because others would certainly judge such a view as controversial, at best.  The blogger eventually concluded that he could not support this popular effort because the non-profit research organization that the Ice Bucket Challenge funded used embryonic stem cells in its research to fight cancer and disease.  This, of course, brings up concerns about abortion.

Standing up against abortion (which many label as “Women’s Reproduction Rights”) continues to draw criticism from the news media and many social sites.  So, this gentleman set himself up for two cans of whoop-ass from two different camps.  The comments and replies on the blog entry went back and forth quite a bit, as it did on the Facebook thread posted by the friend of my friend.

And I decided to support the blogger, writing “I agree.”

I got a wee bit of flak, as expected, for my stand.  So, I wrote a blog entry “Arguing Abortion With Logic.”  In it, I used logic, and logic alone, to show how immoral abortion is.  The article received numerous hits, yet I received no further comments from anyone.  Since then, I have spoken with nearly a dozen people about the subject.  Even when speaking with die-hard, pro-abortion followers, the conversation stops, after I prove my logic, nearly every single time.

I love logic.  I excelled in math in High School because, at the end of the day, understanding math requires understanding logic.  I often describe myself as ‘creatively logical,’ as I not only love logic, but also love to draw and write.  I believe that logic is that middle ground between God and those who do not believe, if they choose to look into it.  You see, God invented everything (or so the story goes).  True followers of God should never fear what science, history and logic discover.  Since God created it all, it will only work to all point back to Him.

Many of my friends who think that faith is simply a blind faith in an invisible God find this surprising.  They erroneously think that in order to have faith in God, the way the Bible describes, you have to check your brain at the door.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

I actually came to faith, in God, using logic.  If you study the holy texts of the three or four larger faiths and apply logic, you can find some striking similarities and constrasts that makes Biblical Christianity stand head and shoulders above the rest (I could write a series of articles on that, alone).  One of my favorite Christian leaders, Ravi Zacharias, speaks at numerous public colleges each year at their request because when we speaks of religion and faith, he does so using university-level logic.

Now, logic is not a silver bullet.  In one of the Star Trek movies, a Vulcan officer, Valeris, betrays Starfleet.  When confronted, she uses logic to support her actions.  While Captain Spock, a Vulcan himself, also uses logic to support an opposing view.  If someone wants to believe something hard enough, they will find logical reasons for defending their viewpoint, regardless of the actual error.  Trying to push someone’s opinion using logic (or any means) rarely works when the recipient has already cemented their viewpoints.  In such circumstances, at best, I hope to put a ‘stone in the person’s shoes,” essentially forcing them to rethink their viewpoint knowing that, while I cannot change their mind, I might make them feel a wee uncomfortable about their illogical (and immoral) point of view.

For those who truly desire truth, however, logic can help show the way.  Spock went on to say, “Logic, logic, logic. Logic is the beginning of wisdom, Valeris, not the end.”  When used as a starting point, and not a means to a pre-chosen end, logic plays a pivotal role in discovering truth.  People do not believe me, but the Bible encourages us to think… not simply accept everything on blind faith.  When Paul approached the Boreans about the Gospel, they did not accept his testimony at face value.  They compared it with scripture, and studied diligently before embracing it.  And, the Bible calls them some of the most holy people of that time…even though they used reason, instead of “blind faith” to accept the teachings.  Therefore, I believe that if you wish to find the truth, and desire to find wisdom, you can absolutely find it using logical reasoning.

So, along the lines of my abortion article, mentioned above, I shall write a series of articles addressing concerns about God, the Bible and moral issues, using pure logic whenever possible.  Aptly titled the “Logic of” series, I will refrain from Bible scriptures, outside of points of reference, and use pure logic to prove important, fundamental points found in the Bible.  As I said, I hope to put a few stones in some shoes, and/or provide a starting point for friends and blog readers who truly desire to find the truth about God and life at all costs.  However, I’m hardly the expert.  I encourage those of you searching to research other resources as well.  You do well to start with the teaching of Ravi Zacharias, but you may find other options easily enough.  Or, like me, you can search the various holy texts yourself and come to your own, logical conclusions.

Until next time, may God bless you richly!


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