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Dragon Warrior III: Part 06

Dragon_Warrior_III boxSalutations.  RPGTrek continues with the well loved entry, Dragon Warrior III.  Each week, I plan to detail my heroes journey through mysterious lands and deadly dungeons for your entertainment. If you play along, feel free to compare your experiences and leave comments about the similarities and contrasts.  Please be aware that my journals contain some spoilry spoilers.  If that works for you, click on the jump button and step into the shoes of this Utahan polygameist!  (You can read all of the Dragon Warrior III journals here from the beginning.  Start at the bottom.)

Journey of a Utahan Polygameist

Dragon Warrior III – Part 5

Humor continues to run wild in this game.

Humor continues to run wild in this game.

Our journey for the orbs and other artifacts continue.  As I look at the calendar, I realize that I have precious few days left to finish this game, as my RPG Trek deadline looms near.  I consumed much of my time attempting to figure out what to do next.  Despite my careful note-taking, clearly I missed some vital lead or information.  If I want to have any hope of meeting my self imposed deadline, I have to seek outside assistance…. so I crack open a FAQ.

Following the advice of those who blazed a trail before me,  I headed off to a castle surrounded by mountains.  My ship could not get me through the coral surrounding the inlet, so I had to use teleportation circles to get inside the mountain range.  As I entered the city, we witnessed a heartbreaking scene.  Several citizens congregated to bury a loved one whom the king executed.  As I spoke to numerous people, many expressed hopelessness as their ruler, once a benevolent leader, now cut down any and all who didn’t immediately bend down and kiss his carefully manicured toes on a daily basis.  It did not take the investigation skills of Sherlock Holmes to realize that something was afoot!

I attempted entry into the castle to speak with the king, but to no avail.  The guards would not grant us entry.  Thankfully, the guard on the side entrance lacked the obstinate discipline his peers displayed.  We waltzed in, and eventually made our way to the throne room to confront this tyrannical ruler.  He wasted no time calling the guards and throwing us into prison.  Given that we had slayed demons and hundreds…nay…thousands of monsters up to that point, I can only guess that my party members decided that the course of self restraint would result in less civilian causalities, as we peacefully surrendered.

He's throwing me into prison.  Does he know I have a key to everything in this game?

He’s throwing me into prison. Does he know I have a key to everything in this game?

Ironically enough, the guards did not take our master key.  Nor our weapons.  Nor our armor.  Nor our magic items.  Nor our….well, you get the point.  As soon as he walked away, you simply walked right out.  We investigated the prison, and we found the real king in a cell nearby.  Clearly, someone using illusionary magic ruled the population!  The king told us of a staff in a  nearby cave that could reveal the traitor!  We headed over there, retrieved it, and sneaked back into the castle under the cover of night.  We used our new staff over the would-be king, sleeping in his bed, and revealed a hideous troll!  After a few rounds of smack down, we slayed the traitor and restored the rightful king to his throne.

With that good deed added to our growing list, we headed to an old man who promised to trade us something useful for this staff.  On the way, we stopped by our growing town.  “Samanthaville” had grown considerably since our last visit, with tall buildings and beautifully paved roads.  However, the people expressed displeasure with how hard Samantha worked them to get to that point.  Clearly, she allowed the power of leadership to go to her head, and she lost touch with the people around her.  In a later visit, they revolted and threw her into prison.  She expressed regret when we followed up with her.  (We had to remind Winston, the once-jester, to not crack any jokes about Orange being the New Black or anything along those lines.  He can be so insensitive!).  She revealed to us that she had hidden an orb behind her throne, which we retrieved.

Sam's all grown up, and taken over!

Sam’s all grown up, and taken over!

We finally made it to the secluded, old man, who expressed excitement about trading for our Staff of Changing.  Perhaps he hoped that magic would succeed where Oil of Olay had failed.  He gave us a Harrowing Bone which would show us the direction to a ghost ship.  We found and investigated the decaying barge, and found a stone filled with the lost love of a young, yet very dead, couple.  We had no idea what to do with this mystical item, but the ancient scroll of FAQ lead us to a body of water where a constant, mysterious strong wind kept us from entering.  Using the item, the love of youngins dispelled the wind, allowing us to sail to an island in the middle.  Searching an abandoned prison on it, we found the Sword of Gaia.  This sword, in turn, would allow us past a volcano blocking our way to the last orb we needed.

With that item in sight, we push forward hoping that we would soon have the opportunity to free our people from the oppressive shadow of evil growing each day!

The finale, part 7, now ready!

The King forgot his makeup this morning.

The King forgot his makeup this morning.

Still growing!

Still growing!

My town is growing so fast!

My town is growing so fast!


Comments on: "Dragon Warrior III: Part 06" (6)

  1. I thought the last one was part 5? In any case, the game sometimes gets a bit obtuse with regards to where you need to go next. I’m not surprised you’ve had to pull up a FAQ a few times; I’ve had to do the same in my adventures with the game.

    • Hey, thanks for the comment! It gladdens me to know that others are reading.

      I believe Dragon Warrior IV is split into 5 chapters… perhaps that’s what you’re thinking of. Dragon Warrior III doesn’t have chapters, par se. I’m just splitting my blogs into parts as I go through the game.

      Yeah…if I had a lot of free time (like when I was a kid with long summer breaks), I might be able to figure a lot (if not all) of this stuff on my own. I remember beating Dragon Warrior IV without any help back in my high school days. It will be interesting to see if I can get through THAT one without a FAQ. We shall see! 🙂

      • No problem! No, what I was thinking of was the numbering of these post titles. Unless I’m confused the last entry was part 5 as well. Had me a bit confused when I saw this part popping up.

      • Ah. Well, fair enough. Yeah, I just keep posting until I run out of game. I think this one got more posts than the previous games because on its length and I allowed myself two months to finish it. Speaking of, I just knocked it out…so expect a Part 6 soon, as well as my full on review. If you’re interested, you can listen to me talk about it on the next RPGBacktrack podcast that my friends and I do ( )

        Aaaaand, I’ve begun Dragon Quest IV. WOOT!

    • You know…I’m just now realizing that I have two articles listed as “Dragon Warrior III: Part 5”!! WHOOPS!!!! I’ve changed this one to “part 6” and I’ll post the final “Part 7” here shortly!

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