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Dragon Warrior IV: Part 3

One of the most beloved games of this venerable series.

One of the most beloved games of this venerable series.

Salutations.  RPGTrek continues with the well loved entry, Dragon Warrior IV.  Each week, I plan to detail my heroes journey through mysterious lands and deadly dungeons for your entertainment. If you play along, feel free to compare your experiences and leave comments about the similarities and contrasts.  Please be aware that my journals contain some spoilry spoilers.  If that works for you, click on the jump button and step into the shoes of this Utahan polygameist!

Journey of a Utahan Polygameist

Dragon Warrior IV: Chapters of the Chosen – Part 3

It's a tree dungeon.  No.  Seriously.

It’s a tree dungeon. No. Seriously.

Finding the ancient sword would prove far more complicated than the other pieces of the gear.  Our first clue lead us to an isolated continent island far to the south.  Surrounded by mountains, the only point of entry took us through a river side town.  There, we found a man who would willingly make us a large balloon, if we could bring him a canister of gas.  No one explained to this guy that heating up the air might also get the job done.  In speaking with a sad elf earlier, we learned that we needed to head into a monster’s castle further inland.  To cross the river, however, we would need the assistance of a titan.

Standing a hundred feet tall, an ancient golem stood guard at our side.  In order to get it to move, he had to work our way through its maze-like interior.  At one point, following directions given to us earlier, we fell out of a window, around his left eye, and landed in his outstretched palm below, as one might catch a tear.    We then worked our way to the levers inside his head, which made him walk across the river.

Eventually, we found our way to a castle which functionally served as the base of Psaro the Manslayer and his many followers.  Using the mod rod, we changed our appearance to match our hosts, and engage them in conversation.  One of the more exciting aspects of the story line thus far, speaking with the monsters turned up all kinds of interesting information.  In the end, we sat and listened to a speech by Psaro himself, which told us we needed to head back west.  Oddly enough, I couldn’t help by think that Psaro reminded me an awful lot of Sephroth.

Ok, this is cool....fighting mimics of my party.

Ok, this is cool….fighting mimics of my party.

We headed into the deadly gas mines there and eventually ran into Eurack (or something like that), a really big, bad evil guy slowly awakening from a long sleep.  We engaged him in combat, and quickly awoke him once we discovered he posed a greater challenge asleep than awake.  In defeating this giant, a guardian blocking a chest earlier disappeared.  With such an elaborate, powerful guard system in place, one might expect the chest to hold the Zenethian sword or a powerful magical artifact.  Alas, it held neither of those thing.  Instead, inside we found (you guess it) a canister of gas!

We zipped back to Rivertown and traded that canister for the world’s first free hot air balloon.  We first investigated something Seph…errr…Psaro mentioned in that last cave about Rose, the sad elf.  We found out she was killed by hands of humans while we engaged in mortal combat for the canister of gas.  This would make Psaro, who already suffered from anger management issues, completely fly off whatever hinges he still had.  We needed to move quickly.  With only two destinations we could not access earlier, we flew to the closest one, the huge tree in the southern continent.

As we entered the town at the base of the tree, the town people informed us that a voice, crying for assistance from somewhere up in the branches, ask that we only bring three party members to effect his or her rescue.  How arbitrarily odd!  Always up for a challenge, we trimmed down our active members to meet the request and headed up.  While we found working through a tree shaped and themed dungeon oddly refreshing (especially given that the leaves can resurrect the dead), we also found the existence of stair cases in the branches a bit disturbing.  Nevertheless, we made it to the top and found a fallen angel near the very sword we sought.  She joined our band of intrepid adventurers, and we made our way back down, treasure in hand.

If you're walking into an area with lava, you know this just go real.

If you’re walking into an area with lava, you know this just go real.

With that done, we jumped into the balloon and set course of the last, unexplored piece of land located right in the middle of our handy world map.  As we sailed over the dangerous reefs and landed, we found ourselves in another large area to explore.  Towards the center, we found a town of devout worshippers of the goddess who gave us great advice and a place to sleep before we trekked southwest towards the tower of ascension!

Requiring the hero’s gear as some sort of identification, the tower refused my first group which lacked the presence of our green hair leader.  Having put him back in the front of the group, the tower graciously allowed us entrance.  Once again, we would cleave through hordes of foul creatures before we made our way to the top and discovered a castle floating in the clouds.  We spoke with many of the people who lived there before speaking with the ruler, a dragon, who had wise words regarding the imminent danger Psaro posed.  Unfortunately, a bold of darkness pierced the clouds and interrupted his monologue.  Ironically, this demonstration of power also paved the way for us to descent into the underworld where Psaro undoubtedly worked feverishly to bring his plans to fruition.

He slowly transforms to this...and gets bigger afterwards.

He slowly transforms to this…and gets bigger afterwards.

We descended through a long, labyrinthine tunnel before popping out in the lava, poison infested lands below.  You know you’re close to the king of evil when you step into lava, poison infested lands.  There, one kind soul provided us rest, a way to save our progress and critical advice in how to proceed.  Why couldn’t all towns make life more convenient this way?  Regardless, she directed us to kill the four lieutenants powering the barriers to Psaro.  We defeated them easily enough, finding out, in the process, that one of them pulled the strings leading to Rose’s death.  Who would have thought there was no honor among monsters?

With the barriers down, we hit Psaro had.  In all my years of gaming, I cannot recall a boss with more transformational stages.  It took nearly every resource we had, but eventually we won the day, and brought a final end to his maniacal schemes!  We returned to the dragon, who congratulated us on saving mankind.  Then, we headed home, dropping each of our party off at their hometown to watch them reunite with loved ones.  As you might recall, Phil’s (the hero) hometown, and everyone in it, was destroyed in a monster attack.  What happened to him?  Well, you’ll have to go on your own Dragon Quest adventure to find out!

That's because we are unstoppable!

That’s because we are unstoppable!

Whoa, he's been drinkin' milk AND taking steroids.

Whoa, he’s been drinkin’ milk AND taking steroids.

The final climb up.

The final climb up.

Oh man, it was THIS guy who pulled the stings?  He's going down!

Oh man, it was THIS guy who pulled the stings? He’s going down!

Look at that, I trained a draggie!

Look at that, I trained a draggie!

Wow, there it is.

Wow, there it is.

I love turning my wizard into a dragon.  Two thumbs WAY up!

I love turning my wizard into a dragon. Two thumbs WAY up!

We're working our way up the tower.

We’re working our way up the tower.

These little guys explode with XP!

These little guys explode with XP!

Whoa boy.  Seph...err..Psaro is unhappy now.

Whoa boy. Seph…err..Psaro is unhappy now.

The all bow to me!

The all bow to me!

Would you like to ride in my lead balloon?

Would you like to ride in my lead balloon?

Who needs an airship?

Who needs an airship?

Wow, someone's been drinkin' milk

Wow, someone’s been drinkin’ milk



Comments on: "Dragon Warrior IV: Part 3" (2)

  1. And that’s the end of it? The way you were writing it out, it seemed like a really fast moving game, but I imagine it took you a fair bit longer to get through it all. In any case, congratulations! And thanks for sharing your adventures!

    • Yup! That’s it! The review will come soon. Clocking in at 30 hours on my save file, it certainly felt faster than Dragon Quest III, and nearly on par with II (assuming one did not waste huge swaths of time looking for stuff). However, since the earlier games did not post a time on the save file the way the that DS remakes do, I cannot know for certain.

      I try to do a journal entry for every 10 hours of gameplay, which typically takes me a week to complete. I also try to keep each journal to under 1,000 words, so the typical person can read each entry in about five minutes. So, a 30 hour game like this one is a 15 minute read, plus another five for the review 🙂

      I’m glad you’re enjoying them! I’ve already dived into DQV, so that will get posted here in the not-too-distant future.

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