The journey of a nerd who loves the Lord


Unfortunately, I fell well short of my creative goals this year, as my job asked me to step up quite a bit.  I have a number of other priorities before drawing and writing, and many of the others won out.  Aside from my job, I have focused on working out, Bible studying, and writing practice.

Things slow down for me this month, so I took a little time to review some of the things I worked on this year.  Towards the beginning of the year, I started to write a short fiction story titled, “A Journey’s End.”  I wrote a few thousands words, but completely lost sight of it as other things jumped in my lap.  So, with the extra time I have, I plan to knock it out.

You can read the earlier chapters, and the intro by following this link.  Start at the bottom with “Introduction” and work your way up 🙂

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