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Dragon Quest V: Part 3

It’s time to get married. Let’s do this!

My brother and I continue our RPGTrek with Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.   This game continues the Zenethian trilogy in epic fashion. In this game, you get married, collect monsters pokemon style, and travel the world to collect the hero’s Zenethian armor from the last adventure!  Does this game push the series forward, or does it knock it down a few hit points?  Your next RPGTrek story is only a click away!


DRAGON QUEST V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride – PART 3

No pressure at all.

No pressure at all.

If the earlier talk about marriage made me feel a bit squeamish, it made me positively ill here. Everyone spoke about the need to shack up, and any time I answered negative to such a quarry, the person would simply argue with me, not allowing me to leave the conversation, until I answered in the positive. Clearly, this adventure did not consider the man who wished to remain single as capable of leading fulfilled life! I eventually came to the mansion of a rich man, Briscoletti, who announced a contest for single men. Whomever could retrieve both the rings of fire and water, from a couple of dangerous caves (of course…have you ever seen a safe cave in these RPGs?) would win! Briscoletti not only promised the hand of his beautiful daughter, Nera, to the winner, but the Zenethian shield as well.

The fierce competition provided by other suitors did not detour me. After all, I had at least a half dozen monsters on my side, and a few of the men looked as if they could not even wield a sword. On the way, I stopped at Stockenbarrel, to obtain help opening a sea gate blocking my way. There, I ran into my old childhood friend, Bianca, who had really blossomed into a blonde flower. We returned to her house and spoke with her father, who did everything short of a pinky swear to get me to commit to marrying his daughter. Old and frail, he wanted to insure she would be well taken care of after he left this mortal coil, and a woman simply could not do that on her own!

It's the next generation of Cannibox

It’s the next generation of Cannibox

Bianca also expressed a certain desire to spend the rest of her life with me. Return for a few minutes, exchange some lines, and women in this land trip over themselves to marry me! It would not be the last surprise, in that area, however. Moving on to other topics, Bianca agreed to open up the gate allowing passage to the cave of water, but only if I took her along.

We reminisced about old times as we retrieved the second of the two rings. I returned to the mansion back in the city, and the father expressed extreme happiness at my good fortune in winning. During our conversation, it becomes clear that I need to choose between both women and marry one…. without even a date or some decent time to think about it! I could not find an option to simply remain stag and take the shield as winnings, either. Sigh.

So, after a sleepless night, I returned to the mansion to render my decision. Before I could, however, another woman enters the scene! Debora, sister of the mild Nera (and complete opposite personality-wise) pretty much demanded that I choose her instead. I must admit, the idea of living the rest of my days with a woman who would demean me in every way possible tempted me, if only for a moment. However, Bianca clearly desired more, than any other, to spend the rest of her days with me, so I made the choice to grant her heart’s fondest desire. After all, who was I to deny her the best? 😛

I"m now a polygamist.  Scary.

I”m now a polygamist. Scary.

I expected my decision to spur both of Briscoletti’s daughters might anger him, but the jovial rich man only expressed elation. He insisted on handling all of the arrangements and expenses. After fetching the special veil he ordered, the ceremony was well under way. I laughed at the final line of the priest, “For as long as you both shall be resurrected from death in the church.” Amen!

Elated about our eloping, Briscoletti excitedly donated an entire ship to our cause. We immediately took to the open seas to see what we could find. Eventually, we worked our way to the desert city, Helmunaptra, run by a queen. She showed us where they kept the Zenethian Helm. Despite our story (I play a silent protagonist, but I presume I sign language the purpose of our journey to her), she does not think we are worthy of the helm. She allows me to try it on, anyway, and it does not fit. Now I understand the trepidations of the wicked step sisters when they could not squeeze into Cinderella’s shoe! Noooooo!

A couple that fights together, STAYS together.

A couple that fights together, STAYS together.

The nice queen lady directs us to the place of my parents’ birth, a continent far to the east, and we set sail. We do some exploring after setting food on the new land and find a place to rest. There, residents tell us about another town on the other side of the mountain. The last time we did a mountain pass, I practically slept through the trip. I look forward to another easy travel, but I would soon find out differently. Mount Batten features strong monsters every few steps of the way. Our resources get stretched as we claw and scratch our way to the top.

Is there an elevator?  We need to get to that building.  Down. There.

Is there an elevator? We need to get to that building. Down. There.

When we finally do, we discover a town aptly named Battenburg. However, we do not have time to enjoy the view as my wife promptly collapses. Since I’m a silent protagonist, I have absolutely no emotion over this. I watch her fall, and blankly blink my eyes like a parakeet. Thankfully, the townspeople display the requisite concern and quickly pull her into an inn for recovery. It seemed that she simply pushed herself too hard. I begin to wonder if this game sends the right message about women as I prepare for the second part of our trip.

More Dragon Quest V soon!


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