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Dragon Quest V: Part 5

It’s time to get married. Let’s do this!

My brother and I continue our RPGTrek with Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.   This game continues the Zenethian trilogy in epic fashion. In this game, you get married, collect monsters pokemon style, and travel the world to collect the hero’s Zenethian armor from the last adventure!  Does this game push the series forward, or does it knock it down a few hit points?  Your next RPGTrek story is only a click away!

DRAGON QUEST V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride – PART 5

Now where does this switch lead to?

Now where does this switch lead to?

A new cave rewarded my irritation with good design. Littered with mine carts and tracks, I had to figure out which carts to take after switching various tracks around. Eventually, at the end, we found the Zenethian castle from Dragon Quest IV. Now underwater, I could not access most of the rooms. However, I found a surviving Zenethian. He explained I needed the gold orb to power the castle and allow it fly once again.

We worked our way to the Neverglade where we eventually met back up with my childhood friend, the fairy. After speaking with her, and the queen, we received a new gold orb, though it lacked power. We walked into a room filled with paintings of the past, where we visited Whealbrook of the past. I ran into myself as a child, and tricked myself into trading out the true gold orb with the powerless one. We returned it back to the castle, and it soared into the sky!

We used the castle to fly to a temple surrounded by mountains. Inside, we found a dragon orb. When we returned to Zenethian Castle with it, we caught our Zenethian friend surrounded by guards. They informed me that they checked the records and he could not be found on their rosters! I asked for his side of the story. He responded by asking me for my gold orb, making it clear he could not take it by force. I initially responded in the negative. Clearly, “Dr. Agon” lied to us and we should not trust him.

I'm moving on up!  To the SKY!

I’m moving on up! To the SKY!

However, the story would not progress with that response. After turning down his request, I wasted copious amounts of free time talking to so many people trying to figure what to do next. Eventually, I decided to try giving him the orb, after saving. Instead of turning my party to stone, he changes into the mighty Zenethian dragon!

I have to take another aside here to point out that I felt that these sudden accusations against “Dr. Agon” felt completely out of place with the plot. The editors could have cut them out altogether and the transition in the story would go a lot smoother. While “most” people quickly figured out that “the Zenethin, Dr. Agon” means Zenethian Dragon, some did not (I researched…trust me, I was not the only one to not catch this until much later.) Many of them also did not want to trust Dr. Agon with the orb, stopping their story. Evil. Did I mention that I hate false choices?

The. Most. Epic. Boss. Ever. (on the NDS)

The. Most. Epic. Boss. Ever. (on the NDS)

At this point, we take a pit stop in Monstroferrato to help out our friend, Briscoletti. He received word that a strong demon just resurrected and would come for him before trampling over the rest of the world. Sure enough, in the distance, we saw the largest creature ever to grace the two screens of the Nintendo DS. Taking our combined might and careful strategy, the behemoth fell, coughing up the master key.

Regardless, with the Zenethian Dragon fully restored, we soar to new heights and find a temple floating in the clouds. Inside, we run into numerous worshippers around a statue of my wife. We quickly run to the front of the room where our mother seems to conduct a religious service with plans to resurrect all kinds of foul evil. She asks to join her, and we do (Mom speaks with convincing grand elegance). She cackles, turns into a monster, curses us and then attacks.

After defeating it, we free the people, and eventually our wife. After a touching reunion that only a silent protagonist can make happen, we head toward Nadiria, and ancient land with a different world map. Along the way, we fight Ladja again, and finally meet mother. However, before we can exchange fruit cakes, the evil forces that exist strike her down. After exacting some more revenge, we see her spirit reunite with papa. After wiping away our tears, we press forward. Working our way through a few more dungeons, we eventually find the source of all evil, Nizmo. For the record, I found the font used for Nizmo very interesting. Fancy writing aside, we had a job to do, and after 20 minutes or so of epic fighting that nearly wipes out our group, we beat the master of evil.

At that point, our dragon friend flies us all around the world so we could touch base with all of our friends. We go back home…and I can only imagine how my family prospers well into the future…

Now where does this switch lead to?

Now where does this switch lead to?

Honeydew magic?  Is that a real magic type or are you just making that up?

Honeydew magic? Is that a real magic type or are you just making that up?

Very perty.  I'm a sucker for pink flowers.

Very perty. I’m a sucker for pink flowers.

Whoa.  Someone has been drinking MILK.

Whoa. Someone has been drinking MILK.

The best font ever.  I love it!

The best font ever. I love it!

Dad!  Don't walk into...awe, heck.

Dad! Don’t walk into…awe, heck.

Nooo, the Cliches!

Nooo, the Cliches!

Really? I'm going to kill you the way you kill our language!

Really? I’m going to kill you the way you kill our language!

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