The journey of a nerd who loves the Lord

A Quick Update

Salutations.  Through the last few months, a combination of increased workload from my profession, an increased dedication to working out three times each week and a number of family challenges has curtailed many of my gaming and creative pursuits.  However, for those interested (and myself), I have prepared an update of where some of these things are at right now.

  • Weight:  Unfortunately, I’ve put on all the weight I lost last year.  (SIGH).  So, I’m redoubling my efforts to work out and lose weight.  That means that my workouts take the highest priority and that many of my other projects, including writing and drawing, slip down on my list.
  • newdirection LGBible Study:  I just finished a series called “New Direction,” where I explored the direction God moves in this poster modern society.  You can read or watch the entire series here.  I have not determined what my next study will be, just yet.  Currently, I lean towards A.W. Tozer’s books, starting with the Pursuit of God.
  • RPGBacktrack (RPG Computer and Console game retro-game podcast) continues full steam ahead.  Mike and I close in on our 150th podcast.  At the risk of sounding a wee boastful, but you cannot find a better podcast diving into the rich history of computer and console RPGs anywhere.  Trust me, I’ve looked!  🙂
  • RPG Trek – A while back, I announced that I needed a break from Dragon Quest games, as I burned out on DQVI.  I tried the “Tales of” series, but did not get that far.  So, I took a break from those games altogether (life got busy, anyway).   However, I jumped back in a few weeks ago,  and I expect to have a new RPGTrek blog entry up soon, continuing the Dragon Quest series.
  • Clash of Clans guild, Adult Marauders: We continue to grow and dominate as a clan.  We hit clan level 5 this week, which give us free upgrades to donated troops!  WOOT!
  • Cyberlight Comics: The updating proceeds at a glacial pace.  I need to spend more time updating the website.  So much to do, so little time!
  • Wildlight Re-write: No progress at all this year.  I’m beginning to think that I will make very little progress on this until either my wife or I retire.

How about you?  How are you doing with goals you have set for yourself?  Talk about it here 🙂


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