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Two time the words, two times the fun?

Two time the words, two times the fun?

After a six month hiatus (and side track with another series, I have returned to my RPGTrek with Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, as part of #JRPGJuly!  This game concludes the Zenethian trilogy in epic fashion. While you don’t get married, or have kids, you do meet a lot of new friends and search for your ture self.  And, in this game, you get adventure in not one, but two worlds!  Your next RPGTrek story is only a click away!


DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Revelation– PART 3

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Eventually, we make our way to Swanstone castle (I believe in the real world) and find out that the king there loves his reflection in the royal mirror.  Well, to be more accurate, he does not see HIS reflection, but rather, that of a princess.  And, he’s fallen in love with her!  Surprise!  After the king shares his lament with our group, we share with him with a reflective device of our own, the Mirror of Ra!  Using that, we reveal that a bad dude, Spiegel, holds the lady captive.  The king implores us to hunt down the bastard, and separate his head from his shoulders.  Ok, I admit to exaggerating that last tidbit just a tad in order to make this whole thing sound a bit more exciting!  Off we go!

Spiegel’s waist line and ugliness ares exceeded only by his ego, as evidenced by his tower named “Spiegelspire.”  Seriously, I could not make that up if I tried.  We get there, of course, on our flying bed in the dream world, where he holds the lady captive.  We trek up, and the final showdown with the villian proves somewhat challenging, but nothing we could not handle.  Reunited with his love, the king back in Swanstone gives us a flood key, allowing our ship to sail to parts unknown!


Did you know he recently changed his name to “Hot Rod”?   Yeah.  It’s true.

We eventually work our way to a town called ‘Pescado.’  Luckily for me, I took a few years of Spanish in High School, and immediately recognized this word as “Fish”.  So, I entered the town called “Fish” and, sure enough, I run into plenty of fishermen.  One, in particular, acts a bit wierd…so I decided to follow him for a while.  Here, in a bit of a mini game, I have to follow this guy as he walks through a cave, but not get close enough that he spots me.  Admittedly, I hate stealth games as a rule.  I have never seen the appeal of games where your best tool for survival is patience.  If I wanted to test my patience, I would stand in line at the post office.  /rantoff

Eventually, we find out that he’s having a secret rendezvous with  a mermaid.  While my party believes in diversity in love and all that, this probably pushes those boundaries a bit further than we feel comfy with.  We offer to take her back to her people, and he agrees.  Once we do, the other mermaids award us with a harp.  This harp wraps our ship in an air bubble and allows it to submerge underwater.

This opens up the world even further.  I cannot stress this enough.  Between the flying bed in the dream world and the submergible boat in the real world, I could spend hours just scouring two worlds for new locations and possible secrets.  Now, while on the bed, I find that no enemy can touch me.  However, under the sea….well…I’m reminded of a song I learned in watching a movie about a mermaid.

 “Under the Sea!  Under the Sea!

Darling you’ll be deader, down where your wetter, take it from me!

Up on the shore they joke away, Out in the sun they bathe all day

While we be grindin’, Full time to fightin’, under the sea!”

36 Under Da SeaSeriously.  You run into fights every five steps…and it really slows down any hope one may have of quickly mapping the sea floor.  I imagine I may have missed a purchasable item that allows me to bypass random encounters, but I could not recall every seeing one.  Regardless, I realized that I had yet to unlock most of the classes, and used the opportunity to earn levels and class points.

Eventually, I run into King Triton’s palace.  Ok.  Again, I jest…it was Neptune.  But, really, I think he should be called King Triton.  So, he tells us that a magic item was stolen, blah blah blah…. and tells us to find it in an underwater shrine to the west.

Now…I might have mentioned this before, but the ocean is not only huge, but filled with countless underwater denizens willing to throw themselves at me in a futile attempt to cleans their waters of the landlubbers.  I must have spent an hour looking for this shrine, fighting battles every five to ten steps (or tiles).  I gave up, looked online to find that the shrine is actually in a WNW direction, and in the center of a ring of land.  Why couldn’t he have provided better direction…or, at least, a GPS for my ship?

Eventually, we work our way in, find a big, bad evil guy, kill him, and take the very artifact King Triton…errrr… Neptune asked for.

Don't Hit  Yourself!

Don’t Hit Yourself!

Honestly...I have a flying bed, magic mirror... can I please just have a GPS?

Honestly…I have a flying bed, magic mirror… can I please just have a GPS?


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