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The fact that others follow my gaming activities never ceases to amaze me.  I feel honored and wish to personal thank you for taking the time to follow along and encourage me to write.  While I have done a few posts recently, I wanted to give an overall status update and news about a slight change in direction I plan to take here.

Two time the words, two times the fun?

Two time the words, two times the fun?

First, I continue to make progress in Dragon Quest VI, as part of RPGTrek.  The game has taken nigh permanent residency inside of my Nintendo DS.  The game just feels way too long.  I find myself caring less and less about the story.  Normally, I quit a game when it bores me, however, I promised myself I would work my way through this series as part of my RPGTrek.  So, I will continue to push through.  I have, however, decided to fully use a FAQ in order to get through the game a bit faster.  Many of the story objectives elude me and I waste too much time wondering around the large game world attempting to figure out what to do next.  My brother told me that he got through the game without the assistance of a FAQ, so I believe it possible… I just lack the patience to take notes.  I will continue to progress rather slowly, however, as I only play my DS mainly during exercise and travel.

Next, I have decided to start a new project.  You see, as a polygameist, I cannot stay loyal to one game or one series of games.  No, I must play many games at the same time.  I also have a huge library of games that I have collected over the decades, many of which I have not tried before.  So, I have added a new dimension to my RPGTrek.  Inspired by the recent community driven #JRPGJuly, my friends and I have created a list of RPG classifications for each month of the year.  I plan to play a game from my backlog each month that corresponds with the list.  Sometimes, that might be the Dragon Quest and/or the Tales of Game I happen to be working through.  Other times, I will try something new.  Either way, I will write about my experience once or twice in that month.  Those of you who follow me on twitter can expect plenty of thoughts, screenshots and more.

As I indicated earlier, I decided to push through Dragon Quest VI, despite how it bores me at times.  However, when it comes to these other games, I will play them until I no longer find them fun.  Occasionally that might mean I go through a couple of games quickly, only playing each for a few hours.  Other times, I may fall in love with a game and play the game to completion, even if it takes me into the next month.  As with the #JRPGJuly event, the rules are few and set in mud.  Ultimately, I play games and write about them to have fun.

ARPGAug presents Heroes of the Storm

For #ARPGAug , I play Heroes of the Storm!

I start off with Heroes of the Storm for #ARPGAug (Action RPGs).  While some may not consider a MOBA game , I have covered similar games for .  That, and the fact that, to me, they play a lot like a PVP version of multiplayer Diablo, qualifies it for this column.  Expect my early thoughts on this game sooner, rather than later.

You can find the full list of what I plan to do each month, as well as my progress on other series, on my RPGTrek page.


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