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Sharing the Gift That Matters

If you are like me, you have a family whom you love.  Yet many in that family do not love the Lord.  Sure, a few have some good beliefs or theology.  To some of my family, saving faith is nothing more than ‘voting for the right team,’ by choosing Christianity as your faith of choice.  However, as I have wrote about earlier in the year, the Bible paints a different picture.  To receive eternal salvation, one must be ‘born again.’  James 2 points out that even the devils know that Jesus is Lord, and tremble.  Mental assertions to the truth are not enough.  We must repent of our sins and follow Jesus.

holidayThe holidays provide us an opportunity to share that truth with our loved ones.  In today’s culture, speaking of God or faith may spark arguments.  Most consider it a social faux pas at best, and outright offensive, at worst.  When I press my friends for explanations as to why they have not shared the gospel with others, they reply that they do not wish to offend others.

Yet, did not most of the Biblical heroes do just that?  Did not eleven of the disciples die at the hands of those offended by their message?  The all too real threat of torture and death did not stop any of them from sharing the message of Jesus… yet possible Facebook de-friending and ostracization from our family members all but paralyzes the mighty among us today.

I do not suggest that we charge in like rhinos in a china shop and bully our family into listening to full blown dissertation on salvation before dinner hits the table.  However, we must insure that not a shred of fear remains that might discourage us to share the gospel with a loved one as the Spirit leads.  Furthermore, we must seek that Spirit for His discernment.  We need ears that hear His promptings and a heart filled with courage to follow.

By God’s grace, you will have opportunities to share the good news of Jesus with those around you.  And even if they do not respond favorable, as often happened when the disciples did the same with those around them, you will have the joy of knowing that you followed the voice of Jesus.  So, instead of swapping stories of what you ate for Thanksgiving or received for Christmas, let me ask you, “How did you share the gospel message with others this holiday season?”


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