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Random Thoughts

As we head into the final stretch of the year, I realized I had not posted anything here, in a while.  Rest assured, I have not died!  As I mentioned on an earlier blog post, I recently started college back up, which takes the lion’s share of my free time.  With that said, I do have a few things I plug away at.  

Screenshot2015-12-18 06_36_28Lately, My brother and I have enjoyed Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void.  It has an excellent co-op mode which allows you to experience handcrafted scenarios that require two commanders to tackle at once.  The various degrees of difficulty allow the team to choose the level of challenge to insure that the game remains interesting through multiple run throughs.  Furthermore, Blizzard offers seven co-op commanders to choose, each of which has access to different units and commander powers.  My brother and I enjoy the heck out of these co-op exercises.  Yet, the game also offers a very robust single player campaign and plenty of multiplayer to boot.  I cannot recommend this game high enough.

I believe I mentioned in an earlier blog post, but I recently started playing Dragon Quest IX while working out.  With the seventh and eighth game of the series now announced for a future, 3DS release, I’ve decided to knock this one out in the mean time… as the story lines do not really reference each other.

childHowever, my other handheld game right now, which I fall back on as time permits, Child of Light.  I needed a break from Demon Gaze, and I knew that this RPG would only take a dozen or so hours to beat.  I enjoy the art style and prose in the speech.  Earlier in the year, I tried it on the PC, an ran into issues with UPlay, Ubisoft’s mandatory software launcher.  Avoid it at all costs!  On the PS Vita, of course, I can access the game without the extra, unnecessary hoops.

In the book area, I read most of The Cross and the Switchblade, a near classic by David Wilkerson.  This is one of those books that many consider a must read if you follow the Christian faith.  I certainly appreciate, to a degree, how it shows God working with a man who steps out, in faith, to reach out to the lost, I feel that much of the book’s message is lost on me due to just how much our culture has changed over the decades (along with the fact that I really never grew up in or around gangs like that).

Oh, I have a lot of people asking me if I will go and see the new Star Wars.  Probably not…at least not any time soon.  I do not get a ton of free time, and what little I do get, as you see here, I spend playing video games (usually with my friends and family).  I have always enjoyed Star Trek more than Star Wars, at any rate.  One day, I may watch all nine movies, if the Lord wills.

I will write another blog entry before the end of the year, and catch y’all up on other things.  However, before I sign off for today, I want to give a shout out to Classic Game Room.  For years, they have entertained me through their YouTube videos reviewing and discussing classic games.   I wish Mark and his team all of the best in their future endeavors!



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