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Recently, I watched a television show discussing Bruce Jenner’s transformation.  It involved a number of people supporting the change.  This discussion included two well known men, self identifying as Christian teachers, who condemned or expressed concerns about it.

The first one shocked the listeners by making sweeping statements bordering on hate speech.  He stated that gay people should die, preferably sooner, rather than later.  He pointed out that, in the Old Testament, God laid down laws for the Israelites to condemn to death anyone who lies with another of the same gender.  He felt the government had a responsibility to lay down laws along those lines, to best follow God’s plan and design for man.

bibleThe second did not shy away to agree that, yes, the Bible does describe homosexual acts as a sin in the Bible, and that we should very strongly deal with sin in our own lives.  However, he focused on the fact that the gospel message offers forgiveness for sin, as well as sanctification (or, a way out of that sin).  In other words, without God, man is a slave to sin.  He not only provides forgiveness, but a way out for those who seek Him first.

Many focused on the hatred expressed by the first “Christian”, and it seemed to transpose to the second.  Yet, I could not help but notice the huge contrast between the two.  I agreed with many that the first only seemed to convey a hatred of his fellow man who, in his own view, sinned less than those with gay lifestyles.  The Bible speaks of such men, and warns that they will not see the kingdom of God.  Pride goes before the fall.

However, I also notice that many failed to see the love of the second brother.  He pointed out homosexuality is a sin the way a doctor would tell me that I have a critical problem.  He expressed his concern with love and kindness.  And like that doctor, he pointed out the cure…in this case, a life reborn by the Spirit of God.  The Bible tells us that if we seek Jesus that our old lives will pass away.  Our hearts will change, and priorities in our life will shift to better reflect His.  Having experienced this, I can attest to this power of the Holy and living God.

darkheartThe Bible warns us about wolves in sheep’s clothing.  As the master of lies, Satan undoubtedly clouds people’s perception of God by leading some very evil people to do horrible things in the name of God.  Given that most unbelievers will not read the bible, but only learn about God through the lives of “Christians,” this creates a huge challenge.

Yet, Jesus did not leave us without answers.  (Yeah, I know…double negative!).  He pointed out that we will know His disciples by their love for one another.  If we love God, we love our fellow man.  We may not like their sin, but those who are truly His children will also point out, quickly, that they share the same hatred for the sin present in their own lives.  We have all sinned against our fellow man and God.

My friends, do not be deceived.  Do not allow the actions of fake “Christians” and imperfect followers to push you away from seeking Him.  We have all sinned.  No one is perfect.  We all need forgiveness.  Christ died so that all who repent, and follow Him, will be saved.  We all serve a master… either we follow the Holy and Living God, or we live enslaved to sin and our carnal desires.  Choose this day whom YOU will serve.

BTW, I could not find a link to the video in its entirely, but I found it discussed (and well analyzed) on the Bible Thumping Wingnut show.  You can watch it here.


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