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Jim Carrey is Wrong

Today, the above video popped into my Facebook timestream, with responses such as “So true!” and “He absolutely NAILS life!” replies.  They are hardly the only ones.  The original video has garnered over 10 million views on YouTube, with 46,000 likes and less than 700 dislikes. However, I disagree with those who applaud this one minute slice.  Below is my (lengthy/edited) response.

“My apologies to the original poster, but I have to disagree. There are so many things wrong with this 1 minute speech. First, Jim Carrie tells us not to worry about the future… and that all there will ever be is what’s happening now. The Bible shows us differently. It warns us that we will all die, and will face judgement for our actions. Religion aside, we all know, as adults, that the actions we do now WILL have consequences.  We reap what we sow.

He then talks about how we make decisions in “love” or “fear,” as if they are diametrically opposed. Those are not. The opposite of love is selfishness. The opposite of fear is hope (or Courage).

liveHe then gives the story of his father choosing to be an accountant, rather than a comedian, as some sort of anecdotal support of this line of thinking.  He emphasizes that since you can fail, either way, you should just throw rationality aside and reach for your dreams!

Let me set the record straight, as someone who had a similar decision to make, but ended up choosing the “Accountant” route. Career decisions are about risk. Choosing to go after a comedian career (or, in my case, comic book artist), versus a career in accounting,  involves weighing the risk.  Clearly, pursuing a career in comedy or art carries a higher degree of risk. For every Jim Carrey, there are many of those who never break it into a comedian career that can pay enough to support a family, much less what he makes. In accounting, there is still risk, but its much less likely to end as it did for his father. You are much more likely to make a living wage. **Just because a plan fails once, doesn’t mean its a bad plan.** If I’m wrong, then Jim Carrey’s argument is also wrong, as he tries to use ONE good example to prove a rule.

darkheartHonestly, I applaud his father. He WANTED to be a comedian. However, because he had a family to support, he chose the traditionally more stable route of a career in accounting. That is a VERY mature thing to do. I am sorry it did not work out for him.  In life and in accounting, there are no guarantees.   However, having made a similar choice, I am glad I chose the path I did. Even if I somehow fail, my wife and family respect me for placing the security of my family above my own desires and dreams. That’s not “fear,” Mr Carrie…that’s me choosing the unselfish, or LOVING path to do what God has asked me to do…take care of my family.

PS… And, if anyone wonders why I took the time to reply to this degree… asking “What’s the big deal?” The big deal is this…Jim Carrey isn’t the only one teaching our kids this wrong way of thinking. This permeates our schools and culture. It’s leading down a path of irresponsibility, and, (IMHO), towards a form of destruction. So, yes, I wish to share with all that there a better way than this attitude of “Live for the pleasures of today!”


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